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Monday, 17 November 2014

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Pinterest is a social platform that I only ever use on the odd occasion, but whenever I'm lacking inspiration, it's the first place that I think to go. Pinterest manages to accurately capture the hopes and dreams of every blogger, ranging from topics like fashion and beauty, to home decor and travel. Whatever you need, Pinterest will have it. I would like to begin a new series, dedicating a blog post every once in a while to the inspiration that I find. If you'd like to follow me, click here!

First in my little pinspiration series - home décor, with a main focus on cushions. I just love cushions. Cat and I have five cushions on each of our sofas, and I still want more. In my dream home, I would love the plainest of the plain sofas, of either a cream or a grey colour. I would then liven up the room with a rainbow assortment of colours in the form of cushions, bringing a smile to my face whenever I enter the room. I want to own so many cushions that I feel like I'm drowning in plushy goodness every time that I sit down. To have a window ledge type sofa to cosy up on with a gripping book and a cup of tea, overlooking the world, is all that I really want. It is vital to my mood how my home is decorated; it has to be perfect. In all honesty, who wouldn't want a Pinterest home? When I finally have my own home to decorate as I please, it'll be the most aesthetically pleasing home that you've ever laid your eyes on. With social platforms such as Pinterest and quirky shopping websites such as Etsy, there's nothing stopping me from achieving my dream.

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