My Week in Pictures // #22

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Somehow, I've managed to juggle a social life with my last pending deadline this week... although I've also seen far too much of the library. Monday night was a fantastic evening, spent watching Mockingjay. I've not actually read the third Hunger Games book, despite having read the first two, and so it's definitely on my to do list before part two is released, and the Games are over forever! I caught up with a lovely friend on Tuesday evening, and then mine and Meg's flat hunt began on Wednesday evening. I've still been just as obsessed with I'm a Celebrity this week, as it's now slotted nicely into my nightly routine. Whatever shall I do when it ends??? Here are my snaps. 

01: Love having flowers in the flat, they really give it that extra girly touch (and smell!)
02: My Mockingjay ticket from Monday - if you haven't already seen it... why the hell not???
03: The last essay for this semester has been stressful, to say the least. But it's done with now!
04: Definitely fangirled massively when I received this in the post on Wednesday morning!
05: Doing more work, but this time away from the library, and in my dinosaur onesie
06: Felt like I was back at school again eating this cheese and bean jacket potato!
07: No filter can help make the library look any less bleak and any more exiting...
08: May have purchased a Christmas mug, oops. Really getting into the Christmas spirit!
09: Popped into Joy to have a little look around and fell in passionate love! It broke me

How have you spent the last few days of November? Leave me a comment below!

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