My Week in Pictures // #20

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How have I been posting weekly updates of my life for 20 weeks now??? That seems crazy! I remember starting right at the beginning of the Summer, and now we've finally hit the frosty Winter weather that we all dread each year (the ear muffs have definitely made a reappearance this week!) Despite still being in deadline hell, the last week proved to be a lot better than the week before. Cat and I watched our first Christmas movie of the year, I saw Paloma Faith with Mama Bear, and I spent a lovely evening with my friend Marie. Here are my snaps!

01: Just a bit of inspiration on the wall behind my desk that I see everyday. Dream big!
02: Two of my favourite things in the world - vanilla cheesecake, and the Grinch. Perfect evening
03: Eating badly is allowed when overwhelmed with deadlines, right? Guilty pleasure or what
04: Owned this shade for over a year and never used it until now! Love rediscoveries
05: Here's my one healthy snap of the week! A bowl of granola with a banana, mmmmm
06: Cheated on Starbucks with Costa... but their white hot chocolates are just too good!
07: PALOMA! She was absolutely incredible, in my top three performances without a doubt
08: The sky was a dream on Thursday morning. It's the little things that make the world brighter
09: Proof that I actually have done work this week! Next week is going to be a nightmare...

And now I'm off to make myself a smoothie and crack on with some more work. What a fun weekend I have ahead of me... Let me know in the comments the best part of your week!

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