My Week in Pictures // #19

Sunday, 9 November 2014

November is deadline month for me, and so the month has kicked off with a snooze-fest of a week. Despite this, I've managed to entertain myself with nail painting, experimental cooking, and making smoothies with my brand new blender (I'm way too excited!!!) I also finally finished Gossip Girl, and now I feel lost without it... Here are the nine snaps that sum up this week.

01: Made these INCREDIBLE bananas covered in chocolate and ground almonds last weekend
02: The first of this week's nail selfies, going back to a Summer shade with a pale blue
03: Essay writing is going to be the death of me in the coming weeks - I'm almost 1/3 through
04: I'm supposed to be a student... made roasted veggies for myself for the first time ever!
05: Bonfire Night was a lovely chance for a break from essays, but boy was it cold!
06: Christmas Starbucks cups are out, so I couldn't resist. I need to go to a Starbucks Anonymous
07: The moon looked beautiful on Friday night, so I had to stop and take a quick pic
08: HERE IS MY BLENDER. I've already made two smoothies - involving bananas and chocolate
09: The second of the week's nail selfies, trying out a matte black polish from Barry M

And that concludes my week! How was yours?

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