My Week in Pictures // #18

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Reading Week was a week spent in Nottingham, for me. It was a wonderful few days spent with friends and family - just the break that I needed before a month of deadlines begins. I arrived back home on Monday, and headed straight out for a meal and a catch up with one of my oldest and best friends, Amy. We don't get the chance to see each other on a regular basis anymore, making it a special occasion whenever we do. Tuesday was a day spent engrossed in university work and blog post writing, with time for a cheeky lunch with the brother. Mama Bear and I took a trip to the cinema on Wednesday to see Gone Girl, which was incredible! Later that evening, Zoe cooked me an amazing pasta bake for my birthday, and we had a lovely evening with face masks and The Parent Trap. Thursday saw a reunion between myself and my Theatretrain gals, one of which has lived in Turkey for the last six months. The family and I then went for a meal that evening, ending the perfect few days at home. Here are the snaps summing up my week!

01: May have had a sneaky nap whilst taking blog photos last week. It's tiring work, this blog stuff!
02: My spanking new bag from New Look - absolutely in love with it
03: Had a lovely lunch and catch up with the bro at Tuesday lunchtime!
04: A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend - 'The Happy Panda' mug by the lovely Amy
05: Zoe knows me too well - she bought me a chocolate orange face mask, and it was incredible
06: Who would have guessed it? I actually had breakfast for once! Who could resist a croissant?
07: Loved catching up with these gals on Thursday - such a rarity that we get to see each other!
08: An amazing banana and almond milkshake in a café on Thursday, 100% to die for
09: Painted my nails and listened to the new Taylor Swift album on the train home... perfection

And now it's November! How did the end of October treat you?

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