Thursday, 13 November 2014

Never has my #Selfie t-shirt been so appropriately worn, as I write this post - I couldn't resist...

"I love when my friends post selfies. I get stoked. I'm like "YES! There you are, you are pleased with the way you look today. And that's awesome. It's great!" I, like, wanna throw a party for you!"

A question that will always bother me, is why there such a negative atmosphere surrounding 'selfies'. Personally, I can't help but smile if I scroll past a selfie - whoever it may be, it will more than likely get a like from me. As somebody that has never had complete confidence in the way that they look, to be happy enough with a picture of myself to want to post it onto the internet forever is quite a big deal, and I don't think that everybody can quite grasp that. As a whole, society tends to label those who post constant photographs of themselves across social media as 'vain' and 'self-obsessed', when in reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. We have tried to stray so far from the inferior qualities of arrogance and egotism that we have reached the other end of the spectrum, almost encouraging a lack of confidence in oneself. There is a clear cut line between confidence and narcissism - this needs to be recognised more frequently. What is wrong with posting a picture of yourself online? If you have enough confidence in the photo that you want to share it with the world, that should be celebrated, not shunned! Within our generation, there is a fast growing rate of insecurity and low self-esteem, and so I find it difficult to understand why it could ever be a flaw for somebody to praise themselves for their physical appearance. There are countless memes and ecards flooding the internet (for an example of what I mean, click here), and it just seems to me as though our world is becoming more cynical and more critical, when, in all honesty, what we really need is the exact opposite. Why inflict cruelty, when we can share in happiness? A selfie is a declaration of self love, and regardless of how frequently or how sparsely a person wants to upload their face to the internet, there is never a justified reason to bring this person down. Why aren't we all just encouraging each other to be happy about the way that we look? Why must we feel the need to spread negativity, increasing levels of insecurity?

On Monday, I posted a selfie on twitter (the first of the photos above). I had tried a different hairstyle, and felt that my outfit was well co-ordinated, and wanted to celebrate the fact that I felt happy with my appearance that day. Name one thing wrong with that - I dare you. A lovely friend of mine, Terri, has started to post weekly selfies to her Instagram account (here), hoping to boost her self confidence - again, name one thing wrong with that. Taking inspiration from her idea, I decided to post a selfie once a day for seven days, to celebrate myself... because, well, why not?

I encourage you to #LoveYourSelfie; to be proud of the way that you present yourself; and to push others to do the same. We need to stop diverting people away from self love, as we are beginning to create a society that knows no compassion nor sympathy. Love yourself recklessly and irrevocably, and allow everybody else the same freedom - that's all that I ask.

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