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Friday, 7 November 2014

Being at university four days a week, and working at least three days a week, it's a very special occasion when I get the chance to return home for more than one night. The opportunity presented itself in the form of a reading week, accompanied by a few days off from work, and so I packed my bags and headed home to good ol' Nottingham. Being the week following my birthday, it was a wonderful chance to have a much needed catch up with some great friends. In the space of four and a half days, I managed to squeeze in Chiquitos with Amy, lunch with my brother, a haircut, the cinema to see Gone Girl avec Mama Bear, a home-made pasta bake and film night with Zoe, a reunion with my favourite Theatretrain gals, and a family meal including an extended family member, Alex, my Dad's best friend. What a lovely way to spend a week away from the mayhem that is my life in Manchester, before a month of deadlines quickly approaches. To see some snapshots, visit this blog post, summing up with week with an Instagram update!

It's a warming feeling to know that I can come home and nothing in my bedroom will have changed. Because it is a room that I don't often enter anymore, I am overwhelmed with memories every time that I step through the door. My chest of drawers is brimming with little trinkets from all over the world; some that I've picked up myself, others that friends and family have purchased for me. A few photo frames still sit here and there, with the majority living in my flat in Manchester. As a cushion hoarder, two remain on my bed, with three or four more hiding away in my wardrobe. The drawing that sits in proud place on my wall is by none other than the Alex that I mentioned above, as he allowed me to take it from his home in Wales two years ago. Although my DVD collection barely fits in my bookcase in Manchester, I only transported half to university with me. The other half sits on my bookcase in Nottingham... what can I say? I'm a film fiend. Eeyore will always have a special home on top of my wardrobe, he's simply too big to fit anywhere else.

If you've moved out of your family home, have your parents kept your room the same?

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