Wish List: Lush

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

L-R: Snow Fairy / Cupcake / Cosmetic Warrior / Perspective / Stepping Stone / Phoenix Rising / Popcorn /
Granny Takes a Dip / It's Raining Men / Butterbear / Shoot For The Stars / Vanilla Dee-Lite

Lush is a shop that I have a soft spot for. Despite this affection, it is rare that I ever leave Lush with products in hand. I'm a shower person through and through, as baths overheat me to a dangerous extreme, and so I've only owned two or three of their bath bombs in my time. As for the rest of their products, I've never really ventured too far, but that doesn't make my love for Lush any less valid. Their animal-friendly attitude draws me in, as well as their commitment to using synthetic ingredients... and not to mention the glorious smell that washes over you as you step through their door. All in all, Lush and I could be a perfect fit, and so I have created a wish list containing all that I hope to try in the future. I am yet to come across more than two or three bloggers that don't share the typical desire for Lush that constantly floats around the blogosphere, so enjoy!

→ Bath
As difficult as I find it to stay put in a bath for more than twenty minutes, one every now and again can prove as a satisfying treat - and what better way to enrich your bath than with a Lush bath bomb? They are the first items that I am drawn to as soon as I step foot in the shop, and so I have included four in this little wish list. 'Phoenix Rising', 'Granny Takes a Dip', and 'Shoot For The Stars' all seem to display a rainbow explosion, with an array of marvellous colours. 'Butterbear', however, seems to be a more soothing bomb, turning your water creamy and luxurious. I may have to invest in a few, and save them for a rainy day when a relaxing bath is the only option.

→ Shower
As we are only ___ weeks away from C-day, a festive shower gel, 'Snow Fairy', only seems appropriate - and what's more festive than something that sparkles? December is one of my favourite months of the year, simply because the world seems to be in a collective overly-happy mood all month long, and so a little bit of magic is a necessity. I've also included the 'It's Raining Men' shower gel to my wish list due to it's comforting honey allure.

→ Feet
Forever on the look out for something that will transform my feet into optimum health, I've had my eye on this foot scrub for a while now. Just because we're heading into the Winter months and my feet will be hidden away in warm fluffy socks, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't provide them with the love and care that they deserve.

→ Lips
Without a shadow of a doubt, every Lush-central blog post that I read will include a lip scrub. The one that I've seen hyped up the most is 'Bubblegum', but my heart gravitates towards 'Popcorn' instead. As I tend to wear a lot of matte lipsticks, I've been meaning to invest in a lip scrub - my only fear is that I might end up eating it. Who can resist popcorn? (NB: I may have bought this in-between the time of writing this wish list and posting it...) Elsewhere in the world of lips, 'Perspective' looks to be the perfect nude lipstick. As a subtle colour, it could double up as a blusher as well, and we all know my passion for blushers!

→ Masks
The only important question in my life right now: why have I never tried a face mask??? The answer... I simply don't know. I have no excuse. Scrolling down the Lush website, I came across two that I would love to experiment with. The first, 'Cupcake', is probably something that I'd end up eating along with the Popcorn lip scrub. Having always wanted to have a mud bath, this face mask could be a cheaper compromise... The second face mask that I am longing after is 'Cosmetic Warrior'. Owning products from the Body Shop tea tree range already, it is one of the best chemicals for my skin when it's at it's worst.

→ Lotions
The final item on my Lush wish list is a product that I already own in very many different brands. Who can doesn't own at last one vanilla body lotion? 'Vanilla Dee-Lite' would make a lovely addition to my ever-expanding collection.

Writing up this blog post has filled me with a reckless desire to pop into my local Lush store on my next pay day, to treat myself to some (*cough* all) of these luxuries. Perhaps I should hang fire and pray that there is a mahooosive lush gift box under my Christmas tree next month... Is there anything on this wish list that you're lusting after yourself? Is there anything that you've tried and would highly recommend? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great post, would love to try the foot scrub & the body lotion xx