Baking: (Not So) Spooky Halloween Treats

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween has never been a holiday that I celebrate; not even as a kid. Fun fact about Kassi: I've never even been trick-or-treating. However, this year I've felt a little bit different. Being a blogger, I haven't been able to avoid the masses of Halloween inspiration spilling out of the blogosphere over the last few weeks. Wanting to get involved in some way or another, Cat and I decided to spend our Saturday evening making not so spooky cupcakes (whilst listening to the Frozen soundtrack, obviously). To make things as simple as possible, we purchased a ready-to-make sponge mix, with our full concentration upon the (not so) spooky decorations.

Vanilla sponge mix
→ 8 tbsp. of semi-skimmed milk
→ 2 medium eggs
→ Silver Spoon icing sugar
Dr. Oetket gel food colour in red, black, and orange

Cupcakes done: time for the decorations! I hadn't realised quite how messy of a process icing can be, leaking uncontrollably down the side of the case when not at the right consistency. After an hour or two of intense creativity, our masterpieces were finito! We had nine cupcakes each to decorate, and I chose to create two pumpkins, an awful attempt at Jack Skellington, a ghost, a pair of creepy red eyes, an 'RIP' cupcake and an 'AHH!' cupcake (feat. a ghost marshmallow), a bloodshot eye, and a spooky swirl. Cat, the artist of the two of us, conjured up a pumpkin for herself, a Deathly Hallows sign, a witch, a spider cupcake and a spider's web cupcake, a devil, a vampire, a 'BOO' cupcake, and one feat. a pumpkin marshmallow. All in all, considering the little ingredients that we used, we were very happy with the outcome! Although some were ruined slightly (try a lot) by poor hand-eye coordination, we walked away feeling satisfied with our contribution to the Halloween spirit. As for the 31st itself, I'm at work until 8.15pm, and so plan to head home and stick on a scary movie... who am I kidding, I'll probably stick on Disney Channel's 'Halloweentown'. I may now be twenty, but my soul will be forever eight years old.

How do you plan to spend your Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. The pictures turned out really well! Had such a fun time making these :)

    Percy and Prunella

  2. I LOVE Halloween. I will be pinning this to my HALLOWEEN pinterest board. You guys did a really good job. Even the black icing looks tasty.

    1. Aww you cutie, thanks! :) they were honestly delicious x x x