My Week in Pictures // #15

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Is it just me, or has Autumn jumped out at us out of nowhere in the last week? The beginning of October was practically Summer weather - I definitely could have cracked out the sunglasses. It seems as though, as soon as I finally managed to buy myself a coat that I love, the cold weather awoke from the dead! Vlogging for the last nine days has made me realise just how boring and monotonous my every day life really and truly is; but that doesn't make me love it any less! Here are the nine snaps that I've chosen to sum up my week...

01: Rich and I made a pizza-cake last Saturday... Enough said! Find out more in my vlog here
02: We also discovered that he doesn't fit in my flat properly, good job Cat and I are tiny!
03: Somebody finally spelt my name correctly! Not as if I told them how to spell it...
04: Like I said, Autumn has well and truly arrived. Autumnal colours make me so so happy
05: And so I picked up some Autumnal Barry M shades! Mustard is my go-to colour at the moment
06: A late night train journey + seminar reading = Instagram opportunity
07: Small snippet of Vlogtober Day 8, sums up my life perfectly! I'll leave a cheeky link here
08: So excited to finally spot Zoella Beauty in Superdrug! The make-up bags were so tempting...
09: Change world. Eat pizza. Life.

How has your week been? Tell me all! (Only ten days until my birthday... just saying *cough*)


  1. I love the quality of these pictures & looks like you've had quite a week! I was thinking about making a post on my blog with the same subject (My week in pictures), would you mind? And I love your blog design, did you do it yourself? Thank you for commenting on my blog,

    1. Thank you, all just taken on my iPhone! Go for it, I'm definitely not the first person to do an Instagram update, and I won't be the last. I made the title myself (with the help of clip art haha), and bought the theme :') search etsy - they have millions of themes and headers that you can nab! :) x x x