My Week in Pictures // #14

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The first week of October has consisted of university work, work work, and gossip girl. Nothing more, nothing less. I simply haven't had time to squeeze anything else in... I would like to quickly mention, however, that I am taking part in vlogtober, meaning that I am filming myself every single day for a whole month! If you want to check that out (please do!), I'll leave a link here.

01: Painted my nails my absolute favourite colour from topshop, read more in a blog post here!
02: This line made me chuckle a lot. Relationship goal, that there!
03: My love for (500) Days of Summer is everlasting; succeeds in breaking my heart every time
04: I eat so much angel cake that I could be an angel... cake
05: OOTD on Tuesday, H&M jumper and skirt, with a primark shirt! Felt very school-girl
06: This chocolate is the absolute love of my life right now, cannot get enough
07: Loved my outfit on Wednesday, feat. a River Island shirt and my birthday boots
08: Feeling very pink this week with my nails - need to start investing in some Autumn colours!
09: Got so excited on Thursday when my socks matched my dress! Such a pro

How has October treated you so far?


  1. Great post, cool photos I subscribed to your YouTube channel & I can't wait to watch your videos. The first week of October has treated me with a new job which I start on Monday afternoon. It also got me thinking that this year for Halloween I want to dress up as Elena Gilbert & Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. This will be good I think as I don't normally celebrate Halloween xx

    1. Thank you and thank you! That means ever so much to me! Glad to hear it - hope that your first day went well today! :) I'd absolutely love to dress up as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl for Halloween haha! I don't usually celebrate it either; I don't have any plans yet this year, but we'll see! x x x