October Favourites: 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

October has whizzed by at an impressive speed, and we are now inching closer and closer towards (dare I say it?) Christmas!!! My present shopping will certainly commence in the following few weeks. October has been a month of work, work, and even more work. University has definitely stepped up it's game this year, forcing me to work harder than ever to understand the material. To keep me sane, I partook in Vlogtober for three weeks, and you can find all of my videos here. It was also my birthday in October, meaning a lot of cake and chocolate, and a lot of smiles and giggles. Read all about what I got up to in this blog post here. As we head into November, I foresee no social life whatsoever, as it is a month of deadlines. Hopefully Christmas shopping will cheer me up... Here are my monthly favourites for October!

01: Sleek Shimmer Blush in 'Rose Gold'
It seems that I've been a blusher fiend (more than usual) these past two months, with two in my September favourites (here), and two in this month's favourites too! Hey, what can I say? A little bit of blush goes a long way in improving my daily mood. I actually purchased this blush after watching my friend Beth's 'Everyday Make Up' video, without realising that I'd owned the blush all along in my Sleek Face Form. Using it to death, however, I was almost at the bottom of the palette, and so I was doing myself a favour really! I adore this blush, and it is the perfect dupe for NARS' orgasm, which I have been lusting after for as long as I can remember.

02: Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
October has been the month where the inevitable result of being a blogger has occurred: I have fallen madly in love with Lush. Early last week, I posted this wish list, practically begging the world to fulfil my Lush needs. Working right next to a Lush store is going to destroy me... after popping into the store, I walked away with this beautiful lip scrub that tastes, and smells, of buttery popcorn. Wearing matte lipsticks on a regular basis, this lip scrub does wonder on days where my lips are dry and cracked. Plus, it's also a tasty snack...

03: Bobbi Brown Blush in 'Pale Pink'
The second of this month's blush! Whilst in John Lewis at the start of October, I was admiring all of the beautiful Bobbi Brown blushers when the lady behind the counter began to chat to me. She was wearing the most beautiful shade, really making her face come alive, and so I asked which it was. Offering to apply some for me, she easily convinced me to purchase my first Bobbi Brown product. The blush looks frighteningly bright in the palette, contrasting with the shade's name, but it applies a lot more subtly. The perfect shade to brighten up a dull Autumn outfit.

04: Ark Leya Tartan Dress
Ark is another risk factor in my life, working opposite it. Lush next door and Ark across the way... I feel for my bank account, I really do. Originally, I had actually popped my head into Ark on the hunt for more thick scarves, when I stumbled across this beautiful tartan dress. Preferring shift/swing dresses over tight fitting ones, it was a great Autumn find. I have owned the dress for just over two weeks, and I have worn it at least four times... it was even my birthday dress!

05: OASAP High-Low Cardigan
After seeing MusicalBethan share her love for OASAP, I thought that I'd have a cheeky look through their website. 20 minutes later and I had £50 worth of clothes in my basket... and so I had to have a bit of a rethink. Brutal decisions had to be made, and eventually I had whittled my basket down to this simple black cardigan. With a woven effect, it certainly looks like a Winter cardigan! I adore the massive buttons on it, also, making it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. I've purchased an Urban Outfitters dupe for a quarter of the price!

Source: google images
06: Velvetgh0st (Gab)
Hands down, my new favourite YouTuber. I discovered her through Zoe's channel, and began to watch her videos here and there. After instantly falling in love with her Northern personality, I subscribed to her vlogging channel... and became obsessed. She also took part in Vlogtober, like myself, and she was my inspiration throughout the three weeks that I filmed my day-to-day life. She's not afraid to be slightly different and weird, and doesn't have too extravagant of a life as she's not got millions of subscribers, and so she's someone that I feel that I can relate to a hell of a lot more right now. If you're looking for a new YouTuber to watch, Gab is definitely worth your time!

07: Milky Star Hot Chocolate
Milky stars have been a love in my life for a very long time now, and so when I spotted a milky star flavoured hot chocolate in Sainsburys (and on offer too, might I add!!!), I almost screamed right there in the tea aisle. Before I knew what was happening, I was walking out of the store with hot chocolate in tow. As the colder months are certainly upon us, I was meaning to invest in some quality hot chocolate anyway... I have had a milky star hot chocolate every other night before bed during the last half of October, and I have no regrets. No regrets whatsoever.

How has October treated you? Are you starting to get excited about Christmas too?

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