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Monday, 13 October 2014

Sweater weather is better weather. Fact.

As I mentioned in an Outfit of the Day post here, H&M and I are not usually friends. Two or three months down the line, everything has changed, and I now have the perfect Autumn outfit feat. all H&M clothing (bar the shoes)! Whilst having a nosey in one of the Manchester branches at the end of August, I stumbled upon these glorious thin baggy jumpers. To begin with, I only picked up the mustard yellow, trying to reach outside of my comfort zones and pick a colour that I would usually avoid. After trying it on and falling in love with it, I then noticed that it also came in a deep red, and had to snatch that one up as well. Three weeks later, and in dire need of more Autumn orientated clothing, I popped my head back through the door of H&M, hoping to find more colours - with much success! I walked away with a black and a light grey, and all four are now such staple pieces in my wardrobe. They're just so easy to wear! I can fling them on over a Summer dress, or I can wear them with jeans and a pretty scarf, or tucked into a recently purchased faux-leather skirt (also from H&M, would you believe??) I honestly have no idea what I would have worn for the last month and a half without these beauties in my life.

H&M have a beautiful AW14 collection in stores at the moment, and I'd definitely recommend going and having a snoop around for yourself! I've got my eyes on a few thicker jumpers for when the weather takes a turn for the worse (*cough* this one!), and might just be something that I'll have to treat myself to in the coming weeks... What do you think of their Autumn collection so far? Is there anything that you're lusting over? Leave me a comment below!


  1. H&M probably has the best Fall collection every year! It's my first shop to stop by whenever fall is around the corner. So much comfortable, cute and affordable clothes.

    1. Exactly - it's affordable! These 4 jumpers cost me under £50 (I think H&M were doing 20% student discount when I bought them), which doesn't even equate to 1 Topshop jumper! x x x

  2. Great post, brilliant photos I love H&M at the moment xx