Birthday Wish List: Turning Twenty

Friday, 3 October 2014

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It's that time of the year again! In less than one month, I will be forcefully pushed into the black abyss that is my twenties... which, as you may have guessed, I'm not overly thrilled about! Nevertheless, part of me is actually really excited to be growing up and getting on with my life - there are pros and cons of everything! Whenever somebody asks me the inevitable question, 'what would you like for your birthday?', I hardly ever have an answer, and so as the day has been quickly approaching, I have been collating a list of all the beautiful items that I am currently crushing on, but cannot afford. To any of my friends and/or family that are reading this - take this blog post as a mahoosive hint! You are definitely being directed here if you ask me said question.

Fashion-wise, I have included a dress, a scarf, a jumper, a shirt, and a bag. I have been lusting after this dress from American Apparel throughout the entirety of August. Grid print has really come into trend as shops launch their AW14 collection, and a smock dress is my all time favourite style. As the colder weather approaches, I've definitely been eyeing up a few wooly scarves, and what better print to have than this one in tartan? As for the jumper, it just looks so warm and snuggly, and doesn't look too dull because of the pop of orange! There will always be a shirt on any wish list that I ever make, as they are my absolute favourite fashion items. This one is another that has been on my mind throughout August, but I just haven't been able to justify buying... and the last fashion item, but definitely not the least, is this gorgeous green satchel style bag. I'm pretty sure that my laptop wouldn't fit, nor would an A4 notebook for my lecture notes, and so I haven't given into temptation just yet. But look at the colour - who cares about having well kept lecture notes when I could have such a pretty bag!

In the world of make up, I have two items on my birthday wish list. The first is something that I have wanted for what seems like a lifetime, but have never been able to justify buying - NARS blusher in 'Orgasm'. Any blogger will know that it is one of, if not the best, blushers around, and as a blusher fanatic, my heart is drawn to it. The second is, of course, another MAC lipstick. What else!? 'Mehr' is the current shade that I have my eyes on, and is definitely something that I will be purchasing myself if nobody is kind enough to spoil me with it.

The other bits and bobs on my wish list are more lifestyle related - they include two notebooks, one book, one box set, and one phone case! The first of the two notebooks is from Urban Outfitters, and is entitled '642 Things To Write About'. I spotted it in the Manchester branch the other week, and knew that it was the perfect present for me instantly. Each page has a different scenario/idea on, enabling the cogs in my brain to work overtime in excitement at the prospect of everything that I could write. The second notebook is very similar, and is entitled 'A Sentence a Day'. This is practically a three year diary, just with a slightly different name. As a blogger, I am always looking for an opportunity to improve my writing skills, and little books like these will definitely be of use. The book that I have chosen is 'Humans of New York'. If you haven't heard of it, you desparately need to check out their Facebook page here. The stories that I get to read on a day-to-day basis are inspiring beyond belief, and so to own a book with them all collected together would be amazing. As How I Met Your Mother drew to a close (albeit a bad one... but that's a different story) earlier this year, I couldn't not include the box set now that it is finally being released! I am a bit of a box set collector, and to own another one of my favourite TV shows would satisfy my obsession for another six months... And isn't this phone case beautiful!? I'm going through a bit of a pineapple phase at the moment, where everything home related and phone related that I want all comes back to pineapples. I've subsided my lust, and haven't actually purchased anything that I've seen, and so I think that I'm allowed a special treat as a reward...

Putting this list together has me bouncing off the walls for my birthday - IT'S IN 19 DAYS!!! That means 19 days left of being a teenager, and 19 days until I can say that I'm 'in my twenties'. I'm so bittersweet about the whole day, but a birthday is always a lovely occasion, and so I'm definitely leaning towards the latter emotion. What are your thoughts on my wish list?


  1. I love Humans of New York, especially recently with his travels across the World. It's amazing what he can do with just a picture and a short interview, so inspiring. Also love that scarf, I really want a tartan scarf this year, it just needs to get a bit colder!
    Hope you have a great birthday, don't worry about turning 20, you're not an adult yet, Im 21 and still a bid kid ignoring all the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. I know, I follow them on all social media and they're just such a lovely force to have in your day-to-day life! Haha I know what you mean, I bought one from primark and it's not really cold enough to wear it yet... why are we wishing for cold weather!? Thank you, I'll be sure to blog about it haha! x x x

  2. I have that book, "642 Things to Write About"! So fun!

    1. Oooh it's good then? Really got my fingers crossed for it now haha! x x x