A BIG STEP // Vlogtober

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

For as long as I have watched YouTube videos, I have wanted to get involved by making and uploading videos of myself. Five or six years later, I have finally built up the courage to reach towards my dream; at least temporarily. Hearing about the vlogging challenge of 'Vlogtober', to upload a vlog for each day of the month, I made a snap decision to take the plunge... and I now have four vlogs live on YouTube for anybody in the world to view!

In complete honesty, uploading the first video took A LOT of bravery. As I'm sure most people do, I usually hate watching videos of myself, and cringe when I hear my mumbling voice. I vlogged for the first time on October 2nd, and throughout the day I almost decided against it very many times. Little things like, "this is boring!" and "nobody is going to want to watch this" kept popping into my mind, and my confidence was very shaky. Throughout all of the negative thoughts, the one positive thought that drove me forward was simply: "if not now, when?" With it being something that I have dreamt of doing for over five years, there was only so much longer that I could put it off... and so I mustered up all of the courage that I possibly had in me, and uploaded the video with my trembling hands over my eyes.

Surprisingly, a lot of my friends liked the idea, and everybody has been so unbelievably supportive. Some friends have even mentioned that "it's like spending a little bit of my day with you, which is nice because I don't get to see you very often". After receiving such lovely and heartfelt feedback, my confidence has increased massively, and my fear is slowly subsiding. My goal to emerge from the other side with is, by the end of the month, to be able to vlog in public with strangers surrounding me, and not care what anybody is thinking about me. I'm trying more and more each day to become more daring, but at the moment, the mere thought still terrifies me.

I'm four days in (my fifth vlog will go live later on today), and I'm already thinking about joining the big boy league come the end of October, by starting to make sit down videos, witch a specific topic in mind, with my proper camera. My hope is for my confidence to flourish with each passing day, so much so that I have the will to make my YouTube channel official and permanent - not just something for October, but rather something forever.

If you would like to watch any/all of my vlogs, that would mean the absolute world to me. I definitely need as much support and encouragement as I can get at the moment! You can click here to see all of my videos - I hope that you find some enjoyment from them!


  1. Well done! I've been the same and I'm still trying to pluck up the courage to do it! I just find talking to a camera very weird! I'm gearing myself up to do Vlogmas, but we shall see!


    Abz xx

    1. If vlogtober goes well, I could always do vlogmas as well! Definitely do it, I'm only a few days in and I already feel so good for it :) x x x

  2. Go get'em girl!. Great to see you embrace a challenge.
    So easy to say no but you are a determined person and this determination will drive you through life.
    Stay focused.
    Love Dad

  3. Love your videos xx