Wish List: Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

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Today, I bring to you yet another wish list! These hopeful lists are definitely becoming a regular feature on my blog. Do you enjoy reading wish list posts? Because I clearly love creating them - please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Walking through the city centre of Manchester the other day, I popped my head through the door of Urban Outfitters as a way to pass time before my job interview, and I almost ended up picking half the shop. As I can very rarely afford to buy their beautiful clothes, the word 'WISH LIST' flashed through my mind in neon colours. As you can see, everything that I'm lusting after is of a vaguely similar style. Collared shirts are my absolute favourite fashion item at the moment, hence the four shirts and the shirt dress. I just recently purchased this skirt from Gypsy Warrior (which I honestly cannot wear enough), and I have this picture in my head of the skirt over the dress, to make it look like it's just a shirt - and then other days, I would wear it as a dress, perhaps with a belt round the waistband. Oh, the options! Another shirt inspired item is this little grey dress, as I'd pop a shirt on underneath to give it a bit of a pinafore effect. Alternatively, I could wear it on it's own, or with this beautiful lace white jumper on top! Lace is also a favourite of mine at the moment, hence the basic grey top with a lace hem. I'm not quite sure what attracts me to this yellow/stripey dress, but I think it's the contrasting patterns that really make it come alive in my eyes. Me being me, I couldn't make a wish list that didn't involve at least one floral piece, hence the sheer black flowered shirt. I'm not usually one for jewellery, but I've always loved a good long pendant. Statement necklaces are not my thing at all, but I love both of these so much. As the colder weather approaches, I can foresee myself drowning in oversized jumpers, and a few long pendants would help to make my outfits that little bit more interesting.

Agggh, why don't I have all the money in the world??? Is there anything that I've mentioned that you'd love to get your hands on? Let me know your ideas on how you'd style these picks!

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