My Week in Pictures // #13

Saturday, 27 September 2014

After 13 weeks (!!!) of my weekly updates, I've finally got sick and tired of the title that it usually has - and so I've changed it up a little bit! This week saw my return to university, with two hour lectures on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday... the life of a social science student! Otherwise, I've had a few more shifts at work, where I am feeling more and more confident with every day that I spend there, and also ticked 'hear how to save a life by the fray' off of my bucket list!

01: I had the laziest day of my life on Sunday, which obviously included a nail painting session
02: So glad that I know how to cook a good chilli con carne, definitely one of my favourite meals!
03: Look how much hair that I have to deal with on a daily basis! Still need an overdue hair cut...
04: Sat in a philosophy of art lecture with a starbucks on Wednesday, feeling very pretentious
05: OOTD on Wednesday, including a new scarf, and some birthday boots from the 'rents!
06: Minus the chicken burgers, I went on a crazy snack shop the other night.... such a sweet tooth 
07: Rich and I went on a late night drive around Manchester this week, such a good night
08: THE FRAY!!!! I have wanted to see them live ever since their 2006 album... 8 years later!
09: To round up my week, I settled down with a cuppa and my current obsession, Gossip Girl

How has your week been?

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