August Favourites: 2014

Monday, 1 September 2014

August has been an eventful month, jam-packed full of a variety of friends. Whilst in Manchester, I've had the company of my favourites girls from work (Zoe, Katie, Mel), along with a few university friends visiting the city, and Catherine, of course! Mid-August, I headed home for V Festival. In the few days that I was in Nottingham before and after V, I squeezed in a few of my favourite people from secondary school, some of which I hadn't seen properly in a year or two, the wonderful bubble of joy that is Emily (visit her blog here!), a few of my old Fatties, and a lunch or two with my brother. The perfect way to spend the last month of Summer. Here are my August favourites!

01: Aussie Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
Always on the look out for something that will give my hair more volume, I treated myself to some Aussie haircare earlier on in the month. I usually stick to my trusty friend, Alberto Balsam. Despite it being one of the cheapest brands, it's always worked a charm for me, making my hair feel and smell beautiful. Having never tried Aussie before, I decided to branch out and give it a go, and it's done wonders for my hair! Anything that gives my lifeless hair some volume is a must right now!

02: Converse Oxford in White
Who doesn't own a pair of converse?? I've been wearing these shoes to death over the past month, and so I thought it only appropriate to throw them in here. I actually bought these last August, and I've barely worn them over the last year. However, I've paired them with almost any outfit just recently, mainly to show off my tan whilst the weather is still warm enough! I definitely think that they need a wash now, though, as they're looking more grey than white...

03: Lipstick/gloss // Lancome L'Absolu Nu in UNKNOWN & Clarins Gloss Prodige in CANDY
A few months ago, you would never catch me wearing anything other than lipstick on my lips - lipgloss was not a concept that I was interested in. However, in April I invested in a NARS lipgloss and, just recently, I also found this Clarins lipgloss hiding away in one of my make up bags. Combining it with this Lancome lipstick has been my go-to lip look of August, especially when at work and without the time to maintain a matte look, which I usually opt for. I also mentioned this lipstick in a blog post a few months ago, check it out here!

04: TOPSHOP Purple Snakeskin Satchel // SOLD OUT
Nobody understands how happy I am to own this little bag. It was something I'd had my eyes on for quite a long time, and just as I made the decision to take the leap and purchase it, I couldn't find it in stock anywhere. Hugely disheartened, I accepted my fate of not owning this beautiful bag. A week or so later, I returned to TOPSHOP, having made the decision to purchase the same bag but in a coral/orange colour instead... and what do you know? THE PURPLE ONE WAS THERE! I could have screamed with excitement. The bag hasn't disappointed, as I've used it almost every day of the Summer, and has enough room to store all of my essentials in.

05: Boohoo Ruby Oversized Smock Dress in DENIM-BLUE / PURPLE
I'm such a massive fan of smock dresses. You would never catch me in anything skin tight, bar skinny jeans. Needing something lightweight to wear for V Festival, I came across this smock dress on boohoo and fell in love. I'm never sure whether to buy things from boohoo, as I've never felt that their clothing is very high quality. However, this dress was only £10, and so I took a risk - and I don't regret it! I'm even tempted to order myself two or three more... To see photos of me wearing both dresses, look at this blog post here. Away from V, I styled the blue dress with a long blue scarf, and a belt to hold it in place.

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06: Gossip Girl (but more specifically, Chuck and Blair)
Searching for Gilmore Girls on NETFLIX last month and finding out that it wasn't there was heartbreaking - however, NETFLIX recommended Gossip Girl to me instead... and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite TV shows. One of my flatmates from first year was obsessed with it, and I can definitely understand why. A month and a half later, I'm in the middle of season 3. Chuck and Blair definitely make the show for me, as their on-off relationship pulls on my heart strings every single time. Chuck Bass is one of the most well-written characters that I've ever seen, and Ed Westwick portrays his devilish ways perfectly.

07: 'When My Mind Makes No Sense, I Write' by gabxo
This one's a bit different to my usual 'none-beauty-fashion-or-haircare-related' favourites, but it's something that I cared too much about not to mention. I've followed Gabxo on bloglovin for a few months now, and her posts are always a delight to read. This one in particular, though, really touched me. I read this whilst sitting in Starbucks on a Sunday morning, and it was just the inspiration that I needed to pick me up for an 8 hour shift. I highly recommend that you go over and read it, as it's some of the most beautiful writing that I've ever read from a blogger!

And that concludes the month of August! September is here, meaning that second year and Autumn are on the horizon... here's to stationary shopping and oversized jumpers! What are the things that you enjoyed the most about August? Leave me a comment below!


  1. What you said is so lovely and means the world to me. Honestly, thank you. I've been contemplating stopping blogging as much, if not all together. I really lack in confidence in my writing. But you've given me just the boost I think I needed! Keep being wonderful, sweetheart!

    Gab xo |

    1. Aww, I'm glad that I could help you in that way! Honestly, such a brilliant piece :) you have nothing to worry about, your writing is amazing! x x x x