My Week in Pictures // #12

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The last week of Summer has come and gone, and I head back to university in two days after having three months off... and I'm still not ready! All of my university friends have now returned, and I've managed to spend some quality time with all of their wonderful faces. This week has involved starting my new job at Fossil, a shopping trip with Alice, an aquarium adventure with Cat, a flat 18 reunion lunch at Moose Coffee, and a lovely afternoon spend in Starbucks with a new friend, Ellie. Here's what I've been up to on Instagram this week!

01: Received a lovely leaving card from work - definitely made some friends for life there
02: Late night Netflix spree, as always... I'm almost on season 5 of Gossip Girl!
03: JELLYFISH! Had lots of fun changing the colour of the tank, read more in my blog post here
04: Like my new ride? Discovered an entirely new area of the Trafford Centre on Tuesday
05: Love this colour! Cute leaving present from Zara at French Connection, thank you muchly!
06: At lunch on Thursday, everybody ordered water... I ordered an oreo milkshake (sorry not sorry)
07: Had a couscous partaaay last night, with chickpeas, chicken, tomatoes, and peppers
08: Love how homely my flat feels now, especially since my dad manoeuvred my room around!
09: Best way to spend any Saturday night, been listening to the soundtrack non-stop all month

Did you finish your Summer off with a bang? What's the plan now that Autumn has arrived?

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