My Week in Pictures // #11

Saturday, 13 September 2014

What an enjoyable week! Mama Bear came up to Manchester to visit me for the night, and my university friends are slowly returning, one by one! I've also spent some quality time with a few goodies from work, which has saddened me that my last shift is today. The reasons that I wanted a job at the start of the Summer were a) to give me a reason to stay in Manchester, and b) to meet new people and have more friends here. I have made some absolutely amazing friends from working at French Connection for the last four months, and they've made me so much happier that Manchester is now my home. Let's look at the pictures!

01: There Timehop goes again, making me feel old. I turn twenty in just over a month.... help
02: FINALLY happy with the way that my room is set out. How cute does my desk look now???
03: Always love a cheeky nandos, me, and a wonderful way to have catch up with Alice
04: The Autumn shades for Barry M are out, and they're all beautiful - look at this green!
05: War Horse with Mama Bear! It was absolutely incredible, I can't even put into words how so...
06: Trip to the Trafford Centre with Cath on Tuesday - want these marshmallows for decoration
07: Suicide Prevention Day was on Wednesday and I'd like to reiterate that you are never alone
08: Had more time to sit down and relax this week, and so I had another nail painting session...
09: An OOTD on Thursday - a black top & skirt, and a beautiful shirt that I picked up from Primark!

What's made you smile this week? Leave me a comment below! 
(P.S. What are your thoughts on my new header?)

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