My Week in Pictures // #10

Sunday, 7 September 2014

It's been one hell of a week! After work on Monday, I met Katie and Lynsey for a spontaneous catch up, which was lovely. Tuesday was a day of errands before heading back to work on Wednesday, followed by a trip to the cinema to see Chloe Moretz's new film, 'If I Stay' (spoiler alert: bring tissues). Thursday saw me Nottingham bound for two days, and I managed to squeeze so much in. Henry, Jake, and myself headed out to IKEA for the afternoon, and I then went to see Lee Evans in the evening with Ellie. Still in Nottingham, I saw two old friends I hadn't seen in aaages on Friday - Hannah and Amy. It's one of my favourite things to catch up with people I haven't seen in far too long. That really shows a sign of strong friendship, to me, when you are reunited and it was as if you were never apart. Anyway - onto the pictures!

01: Such an amazing evening snack - granola with honey and almonds, a banana, and milk!
02: Living here all Summer has seen me explore the Northern Quarter with actual Mancunians...
03: I really do love living in Manchester (saying that, I'm yet to actually go on this wheel)
04: Marley & Me is the worst film to watch a few months after your dog has died, broke my heart
05: Early morning bus journeys are not for me, might have taken a nap on my way to work...
06: Love love love this colour nail polish, it goes with absolutely everything!
07: Mine and Ellie's tickets to see Lee Evans - he wasn't as good as expected, but was still brill!
08: Doesn't this look beautiful? How Amy and I caught up on Friday night with a trip to Chiquito
09: ...aaaaaand just another selfie. Love this shirt and love this skirt - perfect outfit!

Enough about me - how has the first week of September treated you?

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