From Me To You

Friday, 5 September 2014

Photo Booth is a lost app on my MacBook. Two years down the line, and only 145 photos as evidence - these 2 included. Forgive me, Photo Booth, for disliking your grainy quality.

When I first decided that I wanted my own slice of the internet to do whatever the hell I wanted with, I filled each post with my heart and soul. The word 'diary' comes to mind. I would post whenever I felt like it, and it would always be 100% me, unedited. I would sit down at my desk with an idea in mind, open up blogger, and tip-tap away at my keyboard. Proof-reading is always a must, but other than that, I would post whatever it was that I had to say right there and then. Two personal favourite examples that spring to mind are 'The Crazy Notion of 'True Love'', and 'The Love of My Life' (albeit the photos on this post have been edited recently, but the text has always remained the same). Shortly after the latter of those two posts went live on my blog, I came to a decision to try harder. I loved my blog in every respect, but I wanted other people to love it too. Five months and 155 bloglovin followers later, and we reach present day. I feel so much better about my blog now that I put the upmost amount of effort into it that I can, but sometimes I forget the reason that it was born - so that I could write. So write I will.

In one month, I will be able to say the phrase "I'm in my twenties", and I'm not quite sure how that makes me feel. On the one hand, I cannot wait to grow older, to figure out what I'm actually going to do with my life, to have a routine, to find the one that I'm going to dance all of my dances with.... but on the other hand, to stay a teenager and watch Gossip Girl on NETFLIX all day seems so appealing. I'm still at university for the next two years at least, so my NETFLIX binge-watching doesn't have to end just yet, but turning twenty puts the cherry on top of the adulthood cake. It's scary to think that I can move anywhere that I want, that I can do absolutely anything that I want to do. A year or two ago, I visited Oxford with my college and thought that it was the most beautiful English city that I'd ever seen. I remember thinking at the time that it'd be so lovely to live there, and then a sudden realisation flashed through my mind - I could move to Oxford, if I really wanted to. We get given so many chances in our lifetime, and we don't even realise. Nobody takes advantage of the freedom that they have when they're still young. Here I am, (half) complaining about turning twenty, but my life has only just begun. I'm still a baby. I have every opportunity to do anything and everything I want with my life, all I have to do is make it happen. I always talk about my dream of living in Italy for a year, and making it to New York as a writer, when in reality, deep deep down, I know that those dreams are just wishes. But why should that wish not come true? If you want something, go out and bloody damn get it. Nobody's going to hand your desires to you on a gold plate - you need to want them enough to do something about it. From now on, I am no longer going to say that I want to live in Italy for a year, nor that I want to make it to New York as a writer. Instead? I am going to live in Italy for a year, and I am going to make it to New York as a writer, and a bloody good one at that. Dreams are not for sleep, they're for reality. They're for your reality. Go out and get 'em tiger.


  1. Love it. Now create a plan to make your wishes dreams come true!

  2. I love it, I have a blog & I want to be a writer too xx

  3. Hey honey, this is a lovely post, I completely understand and I'll be turning 24 next...scary stuff! I wrote something similar on my blog called 'the twenteenage years' you should have a read to see whats to come aha =p also thankyou for nominating me for the leibester award!! x x x

    1. And here's my scared about being 20 haha! Oooh I'll 100% check that out :) And no worries! x x x