Day Out // Sea Life Manchester

Friday, 19 September 2014

Earlier this week, Cat and I went on an exciting adventure to Sea Life Manchester in the Trafford Centre. We had both been desperate to visit for a good few months, and so we finally took some time out of our busy lives to go! Being bloggers, we both packed our cameras into our bags and headed on our way. Let me tell you now - fish are not good models! Their constant swimming and fear of flash photography meant that the majority of my photos were awful quality. That being said, here are the few that made the cut, enjoy! (Warning: very picture heavy post)

Wanting to visit for so long had us both building up our expectations, and they were definitely not shot down. The centre had a wide variety of fish, including Nemo and Dory that I managed to snap a shot of above! The place was brimming with signs and posters, divulging important information about the danger that the fish are under. Facts were displayed about shark hunting, whale hunting, manmade hazards to turtles, and plenty more. It was so lovely to see that the centre actually had a real passion for helping these animals, and wanted it to be known how people can help. It was obvious that the aquarium was mainly aimed at kids, with little games in each new room we entered - but that didn't mean we enjoyed it any less! Big kids, Cat and I, as we played an interactive game to 'hit' away all of the harmful objects in a turtle's path to the sea.

My favourite part of the aquarium was, without a shadow of a doubt, the jellyfish - such fascinating creatures. We were able to turn the tank whatever colour we desired, and so we both had some fun picking different colours and deciding what looked best. Like I said, very kid friendly!

The turtles were slightly easier to photograph, as they either stood still or were moving at a very slow pace. We took our time walking through, taking a million and one pictures each, making the most of our time in the centre. Being in an aquarium gives me such a wonderful vibe. I have a slight fear of the sea, but despite that, I have a dream of swimming with a blue whale one day. I have no idea if I'll ever get there, as the mere thought of it terrifies me to my very soul, but is still something that I have a real desire to do. Walking underneath a rainbow of fish, miniature sharks, sting rays, and massive turtles makes me feel like I'm that one step closer.

Making our way through the gift shop on the other side, there were so many incredible items that I wanted to get my hands on! I'm not quite sure how, but I restrained, and came away empty handed. But look at this guy - he definitely wanted to come home with me! Upon exiting the aquarium after having a lovely hour or so, Cat and I walked straight into Next Home, opposite... but that's a story for a different day. Keep tuned! Together, we've visited a farm (blog post here), and now an aquarium - next up, the zoo? What would you suggest?


  1. These are edited so well! Haven't even started mine yet, hoping there's a few good ones in there though... xo

    1. Aww you cutie! Haha, I had 450 photos... (including the home shopping ones though, so call it 300?), and these were the only acceptable ones! :') x x x