Day Out // Home Shopping

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

If you've learnt anything about me in the last few months, you'll know just how much I love home shopping - and I'm not alone with my passion, as Cat feels the exact same way. Despite both loving the activity, our styles differ greatly, leading us to moan and groan about the items that the other picks up in excitement. When finding our way to Sea Life Manchester earlier this week, which you can read a separate blog post about here, we were astounded to uncover an area of the Trafford Centre that we'd never ventured to before, full to the brim with home shops. Every time that I visit the Trafford Centre, the incredible architecture takes my breath away, and this secret area was no exception. Sun, mermaid and dolphin fountains, beautiful trees, and every home shop that we ever could have hoped for - we found our own little slice of heaven.

Directly facing Sea Life was Next Home, which we obviously paid a visit to... Walking around, we both realised that we know everything that they sell, and would never find anything new in there because of how frequently we go in, but that doesn't stop us! Above are some of my favourite picks - items that I haven't yet purchased, but would do if I had all of the money in the world. Much to Cat's distaste, I am in love with all of the ballerina items that Next are currently selling, including the ornaments and the canvases. With a fairly prissy fashion style, I feel like they're so graceful. Check Cat and I out in the last photo, with the exact same pose... life of a blogger, eh??

Next on our home shopping adventure was Home Sense, and I was in glass jar heaven. I'm always on the look out for different glass jars, but I resisted from purchasing any, already having two in my kitchen to hold my granola and pasta, and one in my bedroom. I was also in clock heaven, with a thousand and one varieties hanging on one big wall. I love Home Sense for all of the different and quirky things that they sell that you probably won't find elsewhere. A quick summary of my outfit - H&M jumper, ASOS leggings, All Star Converse.

The final stop on our home shopping (or 'window shopping') journey was M&S Home. This is somewhere I'd never looked around before, and so this was very exciting! They have such an amazing variety of mugs, including these beautiful letter mugs. Cat and I were tempted to purchase a C and a K, and then match them with a C and a K cushion as well, but we resisted once again. We also found these amazing deer ornaments to mount on the wall, but they were extremely pricey. But just look how beautiful they are?? On our way towards the exit, we walked through the stationary section, which is my other gigantic weakness. How degree appropriate is this notebook? 'I write therefore I remember therefore I am'. Love a good philosophy joke, me.

Check me out in my new ride! Along with Sea Life, the Trafford Centre is also the home of Legoland Discovery Centre, hence the lego car. It's displayed right outside the entrance, along with two lego figurines of Harry Potter and Hagrid, which you can see if you head over to Cat's blog here! All in all, we had a lovely day out, and was another perfect way to spend a mutual day off together. Leave me a comment below letting me know what your dream day out would be!


  1. I still think the ballerina figurines are tacky ;) great post though! Xxx

  2. I love home shopping, even though I don't have my own home to fill with things yet! I love all the jars, and the mugs.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. It's nice to start early though, so that when you do have your own place, you don't have to spend as much money all at once! :) x x x