The British Tag

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What better to represent Britain than Nandos, the flag (obviously), a cup of tea in an 'I heart Nottingham' mug (could I get more British?), and a picturesque canal. I saw 'The British Tag' floating around the blogosphere, and being British and a top procrastinator, I decided to give the tag a go. Answering the questions made me realise how strong my love is for Britain!

01: How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?
This varies on what on what I'm doing that day. It can genuinely range from no tea at all, to five or six cups (side note: why do we call it a 'cup' of tea, when we drink tea out of mugs???) Sugars also vary, depending on the size of the mug, but my general rule is two.

02: Favourite part of your roast
Tough call between the yorkies and the stuffing. Whenever my Mum makes the four of us a Sunday roast, she'll make six yorkshire puddings and six stuffing balls - meaning that we have to fight to the death for who gets two of what. More often than not, my brother and I will end up with two yorkies and two stuffing balls each, though.

03: Favourite dunking biscuit
I must admit... I don't like dunking a biscuit in my tea. I'm sorry! My excuse is that I'm a bit of a scaredy cat; afraid that my biscuit will break and ruin my beautifully made cuppa. I will eat biscuits with my tea, however, I just refuse to give them their mandatory dunk. And I know that I'm breaking another rule here, as they're not technically defined as biscuits, but my favourite would have to be jaffa cakes. Every. Single. Time.

04: Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
Pantomime season! As much as I'd love to travel and live in other countries, I would always miss going to see two pantomimes each Christmas with my mum. I don't understand how anyone else in the world copes without their existence.

05: Favourite word?
Gotta give this one to 'cheeky'. Going for a cheeky nandos; having a cheeky cuppa; giving my blog a cheeky look. The list is never-ending! I have no idea where or why the use of the word 'cheeky' came from, but I somehow bought into the craze, and can't go to Nandos without tweeting about how cheeky it is!

06: Cockney rhyming slang?
The only two phrases that even come to mine are 'dog-and-bone' (meaning telephone), and 'apples and pears' (meaning stairs). I appear to be from too far North of the country to have an extensive dictionary of these phrases...

07: Favourite sweet/chocolate
My absolute favourite chocolate is Toblerone... which is actually Swiss. But my second favourite is British - Terry's Chocolate Orange! It's always a massive treat whenever I get my hands on one of these. Always got my eye out for an offer in Sainsburys...

08: What would your pub be called?
I've never even thought about this... I want to say something mermaid/dragon/unicorn related, but I don't think punters would take me seriously. If you can think of anything for myself, or even for yourself, let me know in the comments!

09: No. 1 British person
Hmm, maybe David Beckham? He just seems like such a wonderful person. He's so well spoken (what he says, definitely not how he says it!), he always comes across as somebody who really cares about everything that he's doing, and he looks like an excellent father... not to mention his incredibly charming good looks and physique.

10: Favourite shop/restaurant
If you know me at all, or if you've actually looked at the photos at the top of this post, you'll know that Nandos is one of my favourite places on the earth... and it's British!

11: What British song pops into your head?
As they are one of my all time favourite bands, the answer had to be a classic from The Beatles. Not to go down the cliché route, but 'Hey Jude' will always be a wonder of a hit, to me. I remember watching the 2012 Olympics, and Paul McCartney was sitting in the velodrome when a competitor from Britain won a medal. As s/he celebrated, McCartney stood up and started his 'na na naaaaas', and the entire audience joined in. What a wonderful lifelong memory that athlete will have! (I'm not jealous at all...)

12: Marmite
Don't love it, don't hate it. Why? ...I've not actually tried it, face palm!


  1. Love this tag! I'd love to be British/live in the UK.. it seems like such a nice place to be.
    X sjoukje -

    1. As much as I love Britain, I'd love to live elsewhere! Looks like we always want what we can't have x x x

  2. Great post, really fun to read :) I love your blog and I have followed you with bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

    1. Thank you very much! Had a look and it's lovely, followed you right back :) x x x