My Week in Pictures // Week #7

Friday, 15 August 2014

Howdy! This week's life update comes a little bit earlier than usual, as I'm off to spend 3 days in the mud and rain at V Festival! Neither Lynds nor myself have ever been to a festival before, so wish us the best of luck as we dive head first into (what should be) an amazing weekend!

01: Festival related Instagram numero uno - waterproof at the ready (maybe minus the slippers)!
02: The Botanist do incredible food, as I found out last Saturday night...
03: ...and they do amazing cocktails too! If a cocktail is red, chances are I'll drink it
04: Walked past my university halls earlier this week, sad to think of someone else living in my flat!
05: Festival related Instagram numero dos - appropriate attire?
06: My phone background the day the news broke about Robin Williams. Life lesson: be kind!
07: Festival related Instagram numero tres - just a few essentials (how will I survive???)
08: A well earned vanilla hot chocolate after a stressful day at work on Wednesday
09: Isn't my Mum a cutie? Home Wednesday - Tuesday but I'm barely even here...

Right, off I go to spend my weekend in a muddy field, listening to some of my favourite bands and artists. I hope that you spend yours well too - bye for now!


  1. I will always drink a red cocktail, in fact I'll drink most cocktails!
    Enjoy your weekend at V! Hope the weather isn't too bad :D

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Cocktails are pretty much the only alcohol that I can handle these days haha! Was amazing thanks, only rained as we were putting down the tent on the last day! x x x

  2. have an awesome time at v! (burger looks amazing too) xx

    1. Thank you - was so so good (as was the burger) x x x