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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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Two months has passed since moving day, and our two-bed flat is really starting to feel like a home. Whilst admiring all of our efforts, including far too much time spent in NEXT HOME and bursts of DIY here and there, I had a small realisation: our home is full of hearts. Catherine (whose blog you can find here, please go and check it out!) and I have settled for a purple theme, and there is an odd butterfly every so often, but the essence of our flat appears to be love hearts. But this infatuation doesn't stop short in our living room...

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...it extends to our kitchen! All of these purchases are from NEXT HOME (I wasn't lying about the amount of time spent there), and they all help to make the cooking area a more comfortable environment. How cute is this colander?? Absolutely fell in love when I spotted it, and had to snap it up right there and then. With the realisation that all of these kitchen purchases were my own, it dawned on me that I might be the root of this (not-so)-little theme. The evidence is undeniable...

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...as it even stretches beyond the communal rooms to my private one! The square jar with an embossed love heart will (fingers crossed) have a blog post dedicated to it come the end of 2014. Not to spill the beans, but it's going to be filled up with small strips of paper as the rest of the year progresses... that's all that I'm going to say for now! Finding a pretty way to display my jewellery has been wonderful, as it's previous home was the little purple pot that I am now storing my stationary in. It was too difficult to root through it each time, and a lot of pieces were getting forgotten about, and so this green heart dish has been a pleasure to use! Saving the best for last - something that has been in my possession for almost a year now. When leaving my job at Fat Face last August, my wonderful assistant manager and dear friend, Meg, gave me this little treasure as a parting gift. The words read, "Friends are like stars, you don't have to see them to know they are there". However simple, it is one of my favourite presents that I have ever received, and hope to display it in each home that I live in.

How have you decorated your home? Do you have any obvious themes? Leave me a comment!


  1. Hahaha love how it's all just your things!
    Also thanks for the cheeky plug there ��

    1. I realised this after I'd taken the photos hahaha... hey, the heart cushion is yours, and the canvas is mutual!