My Week in Pictures // Week #1

Sunday, 6 July 2014

As an avid Instagram user, with over 1,000 photos over a span of 2 years (here), I felt it only appropriate to begin a new weekly ritual to give you a closer look into my life. The pictures that I post range from selfies, to outfit posts, to new purchases, to food porn, to my every day adventures. On the right hand side of my blog, there is a constant Instagram feed that automatically updates itself every time I post a new picture, but for anybody that doesn't check my blog on a regular basis, I wanted to do a quick weekly update. So, onto week one!

01: Just a standard mirror selfie! I take "have a hair cut every six weeks" to mean "have a hair cut every six months"... fingers crossed I'm getting my hair cut next week!
02: Took a snapshot of my new bed and bedding for my Mum, which she really liked.
03: Walking through Northern Quarter, I saw this sign and it made me giggle in the middle of the street, and so of course it deserved to be 'grammed!
04: If I paint my nails and don't take a picture, did it really happen?
05: The amazing tapas that Vicky and I tried in the Trafford Centre last Wednesday.
06: Oops, I accidentally went shopping... watch this space for a blog post dedicated to my spree!
07: Rich found the most incredible restaurant in the Northern Quarter, called 'Home Sweet Home', last Friday. I literally had chicken in a basket. He is a real food fiend!
08: Reunited with my baby! Was so happy when I finally found the August issue of COMPANY.
09: It's my wonderful Mum's birthday tomorrow, and so I have her presents all ready to go!

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