My Week in Pictures // Week #4

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The sun has been bright and shining in the UK in the past week, meaning that two of my three days off were spent in the heat! Here's a quick update...

01: Love me a good topshop nail polish, especially when it's matte all on it's own
02: No garden? No balcony? Grab a cushion, open your big French doors, and relax!
03: I don't remember the last time that I had some battenburg cake, marzipan is gorgeous
04: The bodyshop 3 for 2 caught me - blog post to follow, keep your eyes peeled!
05: What would a Wednesday night be without a good Zac Efron movie...
06: ...and a nail panting session? First time I've not matte-ed my nails in a few months!
07: Packed myself a lunch and spent one of my days off in the park, blog post to come
08: Another photo from my day in the park, can't beat a good Summer selfie
09: Catherine and I had a lovely day out to a nearby farm! Another blog post to follow!

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