My Week in Pictures // Week #3

Sunday, 20 July 2014

After a few attempts at a catchy title, I've decided to just call this series exactly what it is. This week has involved home shopping, 3 shifts at work, and a visit from two of my favourite people!

01: Love this little sign of inspiration on my new bedroom door. Everything is going to be okay!
02: So much graffiti and 'hipster' signs all over Manchester - such a cool place to live
03: My blog on the big screen! The wonders of technology...
04: Three books that arrived from Amazon earlier this week, watch this space for a blog post!
05: Finally got round to trying out a free COMPANY nail polish that came free in June's edition
06: Lost my Moose Coffee virginity this week with Katie, and I was not disappointed!
07: More food! Visited the Living Room on Friday with my brother, his mates, and the best friend!
08: There she is - the best friend! Lyndsey came to visit me for the weekend, the cutie
09: Picked this up for a fiver in the NEXT HOME sale! My flat's becoming more homely!