OOTD // H&M Patterned Dress

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

NB: This is my first ever outfit post, hence the quality of the photographs. I can only apologise, and pray that as my blogging journey continues, my photography skills grow and grow. To take these photos, I had no choice but to balance my camera on the top of my sofa... not ideal, I know. Realistically, I need to buy myself a tripod! I have also invested in the editing app 'afterlight', and so these photos are the result of an experimental session. (And for the record, photograph numero 4 is 100% not serious... just thought I should put that out there!)

H&M and I are not usually friends. For me, it's one of those shops that everybody seems to buy such beautiful clothes from, yet whenever I have a look for myself, nothing grabs my attention. Perhaps it's my lack of patience, my picky fashion sense, or a combination of both - whatever it is, H&M has always remained a mystery to me. However, I was walking through the Nottingham store the other week, using it purely as a shortcut, when I spotted a variety of dresses and skirts that I loved. Knowing what an oddity that is, after meeting Ellie for a Costa and a catch up, I dragged her in with me to try on everything that I had seen. Although most things were either ill-fitted, bad quality, or not in my size, I did come away with this beautiful dress (which you can find here!) At only £12.99, and taking any excuse to buy myself a pretty little Summer dress, how could I not buy it? Whilst finding the link to the dress for this blog post, I have discovered that it also comes in a stripy monochrome print as well, meaning that I may have to take another trip into H&M...

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