My Week in Pictures // Week #2

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Has it been a week already??? Here's what I've been up to, with a quick weekly update!

01: My b-e-a-utiful new TOPSHOP nail varnish, which will be discussed in a blog post very soon!
02: Train life! On my way back to Nottingham for my Mum's birthday on Monday
03: Bless my wonderful Mum! Very pleased with her amazing birthday present from my Dad
04: A quote that I saw on 'Humans of New York' (here) that I just had to repost
05: Another selfie! Love this dress so so much - something else to be discussed very soon!
06: After work snack... living behind a Sainsburys is very dangerous (Stitch says hey!)
07: I didn't realise just how bright this nail varnish was until I matte-ed it!
08: More food porn... chilli con carne is one of my all time favourite meals
09: Loved my make up look today because of my blusher - again, will be discussed very soon!

NB: Changed the series name from 'Philtered Photography' to 'Filtered Fotography' after some advice from my Dad. Still not 100% happy about the title, so watch this space!

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