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Monday, 14 July 2014

Having been in Turkey for most of June, and now being back in Manchester, I realised that I hadn't been shopping for a while. One of my oldest friends, Victoria, came to visit me the day after I moved back to Manchester, and so I took the opportunity to take her to the Trafford Centre. After a full day of shopping, I popped into Manchester city centre the next day to use Starbuck's wifi, and to do a little bit of home shopping. All in all, I came away with a few new clothes, some bits and bobs for my flat, and a few luxuries from BOOTS and LUSH. With no student loan to fund me over the Summer, my wages from French Connection are overtaking. As I've not had a proper job since last August, it feels good to be able to treat myself with money that I've actually earned, and not just money that's been given to me from the government/my parents. Anyway, let's dive into all of my sparkling new possessions, and revel in the glory that I am able to afford them all... for now!

I spotted this top in TOPSHOP in the Trafford Centre, and despite trying to get out of my flower obsession, I just had to pick it up. It has a split back, as well, which makes it more than just a simple rose print vest.

Also in TOPSHOP, I purchased this beautiful Summer dress. With two different patterns, I thought it was such a unique item.

My 'no-buying-denim-shorts' policy didn't last very long... but these shorts were too perfect to leave behind. I have, however, steered clear of blue denim, and stuck with black instead.

When unpacking all of pyjamas in my new flat last week, I realised that I was in need of some new ones, and so I headed on down to PRIMARK and picked myself up a matching shorts and top set!

After always wanting to buy something from BOUX AVENUE, Vicky and I had a search around in their sale, and I came away with a beautiful matching set!

Inspired by BOUX AVENUE, we then popped into M&S to continue our underwear hunt, and I also came away with another beautiful purchase.

Needing a little bit more volume in my hair when I work a ponytail, I picked up this 'backcomb in a bottle'. Not having read many reviews before my purchase, though, I only bought the mini, not wanting to invest in the full sized version until I know that it works. Can anybody recommend a good volumising spray/mousse?

All SOAP AND GLORY products are so highly rated throughout the blogging community, and so I felt that the time had come to buy into the hype. After smelling a few of the body washes, I came across this one that took my breath away. Not only is it amazing quality body wash, but it has the most gorgeous smell my nose has ever encountered.

My new flat has a bath! Living somewhere without one for a year made me realise just how much I miss having the option to have a relaxing bath. Don't get me wrong - I'm not a frequent 'bather', but I'm so happy that I now have the option. To compliment this, I ventured into LUSH and picked myself out a pretty bath bomb, that has seven rosebuds in it that float around the bath!

It wouldn't be a shopping spree without at least one new nail polish! This one was definitely an impulse buy, as it was something I spotted as I was queueing up to pay. I wore it all of last week, and got very many compliments about it!

With a new flat to decorate, I decided to invest in a few cushions to make our front room look a bit more homely. We already have 4 cushions on our sofas - a cream fluffy one (mine), a pug one (Catherine), a purple one (Catherine), and one that was left behind from the tenants before us. And now we have two more!

To go with my new mauve towels, I noticed a bath mat in PRIMARK that was the perfect shade. Getting it home, it matched absolutely perfectly! I love when things match, it definitely helps to make things a lot more homely.

Leaving university halls, I thought that I was moving into a world where doors automatically stayed open by themselves. Still living in a flat, however, means that that's not actually the case... and so meet Rufus! Rufus is my new doorstop, and our new flat pet.

A new month is here, and along with it it brings all of the August issues of my favourite magazines! As a must-have, I purchased COMPANY as soon as I spotted it in SAINSBURYS, and bought ELLE later on in the week. Forever wishing I had my own column in one or the other...

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