Braving Bourjois Blusher

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My holy grail make up product always has been, and always will be, blusher. If, for whatever reason, I could only put one item of make-up on each day, my choice would be blusher without a shadow of a doubt. Others, however, would be more likely to choose concealer or mascara instead. Although I appreciate and use all three on a daily basis, I always find that a bit of blusher makes my skin look a little bit more alive! Despite my strong love, I own very few, and so when I saw that BOURJOIS had a 3 for 2 offer on in BOOTS (here), I decided to add to my collection!

The three blushers that I picked up were ROSE AMBRE (74), CENDRE DE ROSE BRUNE (48), and ROSE D'OR (34). Although they all look very similar in shade, each had a different feature that attracted me to it. ROSE AMBRE seemed like an every day blusher, not too empowering, but still making my face look a bit more lively. CENDRE DE ROSE BRUNE was such a sweet pink shade that I couldn't not give it a go. Lastly, ROSE D'OR had a beautiful shimmer in it, which really livens up any make up look.

After experimenting with each blusher, I discovered just how pigmented BOURJOIS blushers are. Where this is a positive feature for some, it is a negative feature for others. ROSE AMBRE is such a natural shade, and so with a high pigmentation, it makes the blusher just that little bit brighter - not a problem whatsoever. It instantly became a new favourite of mine, giving my cheeks the shine that they lack every morning. However, CENDRE DE ROSE BRUNE is quite a bright pink all on its own, and so a small dab of it goes a very long way. Although it's high pigmentation gives it a beautiful full colour, it's very easy to put too much on, and end up looking a lot more flushed than you'd originally intended! Even though ROSE D'OR is a very similar pink, because it has a slight shimmer to it, it doesn't look quite as strong on the cheeks. It gives off a sort of 'raggedy doll' effect, which suits me well as I'd describe my fashion sense as very prissy. All in all, I have three beautiful new blushers to add to my ever-growing make up bag, one of which I will be wearing on an everyday basis from now on. Who could ask for more?

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