A Day In The Park // Manchester

Monday, 28 July 2014

It's a rarity that the Sun shines in the North - it wouldn't be Manchester if it wasn't raining. However, the sudden heat wave that has blasted out over the UK for the past couple of weeks has managed to fight its way up the country, to find me and my hot dog legs. With the sun beaming down over the city of Manchester, I took full advantage of my day off. I packed myself a lunch, consisting of three Warbutons Sandwich thins (which you can find here), a banana, a mars bar (which unfortunately for me, melted in the raging sun before I had the chance to eat it... oops!), and an ice cold bottle of water. I chucked my lunchbox into my bag, along with 'Gone Girl', the book that I am currently reading (which you can read more about in my blogpost here), and set off to the nearby park. Surprisingly, it was considerably empty, with the knowledge that all schools are now closed for the Summer, and it was a scorching 27° heat! Oh well, all the more room for me!

To sit quietly and read my book was actually a little bit unbearable. Imagine that - British sun too overpowering... After an hour or so of reading, I was becoming sufficiently overheated, and decided to talk a slow stroll around the park instead. There were so many flowers in full bloom - one of the many reasons that I love the Summer. Although England is nowhere near as exciting as pretty much everywhere else in the world, especially when you live here, one thing that I love is our massive trees. I saw these two magnificent (what I'm guessing are) Oak trees, and they looked so picturesque. I could just imagine sprawling out beneath one, on a woollen picnic blanket, watching the clouds as they drifted by. Such simple things like that bring a smile to my face. Sometimes it's the little things, you know? A little way into the park is this beautiful church. I've actually had the lovely opportunity to have a look around inside, as a few of my flatmates and I went to a carol service there over Christmas. Although I'm not religious, I do love me a good hymn or two - especially when I'm in a festive mood.

Obligatory photos of me in the Sun! I'm actually quite upset that the first one is out of focus, as it looks like it could have been such a lovely photo - damn my mediocre photography skills! My dress is from misguided, which I spoke about in this blogpost at the end of May, my shoes are from New Look, and my sunglasses are from Fat Face last Summer. As I spotted a man lying on the grass, watching me with a look of utter curiosity spread across his face, I decided to move on...

One of the many things I love about living in Manchester is the art that seems to be everywhere. These are just three examples of what I mean, all within walking distance of my flat. If I were to delve further into the city centre, I would come away with a million and one photos, showing exactly what I mean. As long as it's not tacky and/or passive aggressive, I actually love seeing graffiti around. It makes a place that little bit more homely, knowing that people care enough about it to put their own spin on things. A few days after taking these photos, I walked past the wall where the first one was taken... and it's no longer there! Good job I snapped it when I did! The last two photographs appear to be by the same person - Lemn Sissay. After a little bit of help from google, I've found out that he's actually a poet, and you can find some of his work here. The last photo that I took is my favourite of the three, and is something that I stare admiringly at on my way to university. It reads "WHEN THE RAIN FALLS, THEY TALK OF MANCHESTER, BUT WHEN THE TRIUMPHANT RAIN FALLS, WE THINK OF RAINBOWS, IT'S THE MANCUNIAN WAY".

On my way home, after delving into my to do list of the day, I decided to stick my head through the door of Oxfam. There's one right on our university campus, but I never take to time out to have a browse. As I picked up one of my all time favourite books from a charity shop (My Best Friend's Girl), I always like to go in every now and again and see what bargains I can find. Happily enough, I came away with 3 books, only spending a total of £6.97! Where else could you find such a great deal? Arriving home and unpacking my three new beauties, I noticed the inspirational quotation on the front of the Oxfam bag that they had given me. "On our own, we're only human. Together, we're humankind. Be humankind". Reading that caused a great big grin to spread across my face, and was such a perfect way to end my day out.

How do you like to spend your days off when the sun is shining? Leave me a comment below!


  1. It looks like you had a lovely day and I'd love to visit Manchaster one day.
    X Sjoukje from www.lemontierres.com

    1. Do it! It's definitely worth the visit :) x x

  2. Sounds like a lovely day, sometimes Its nice just to chill and relax by yourself. I read Gone Girl in a day, I couldn't put it down and had to know what happened to her! Im not sure how far in you are, but there are some pretty cool plot twists. I love a good charity shop book haul, find some real bargains!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. I am such an incredibly slow reader, I'm only about 100 pages in... but to fair, I've only picked it up two or three times since this day. Need to crack down and read it properly! x