10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Friday, 4 July 2014

01: As a teenager, I spent the majority of my time on Habbo Hotel
Instead of living my life out in the real world, I spent my every day acting out the life of a pixelated person... and I loved every minute of it. So many of my young teenage memories revolve around Habbo Hotel, 99% of which involve one of my oldest and bestest friends, Ellie! Every now and again, I log back on just to see how much it has changed, but I never stay for more than a day or two, mainly from fear of getting addicted again!

02: I was born at ten to two on ten two two
I figured this out about a year ago. My birthday is October 22nd, and I was born at 13.50. Using the American system of dates (mm/dd instead of dd/mm) I was born at ten to two (13.50) on ten two two (10/22)! You can do anything with numbers, which is just another reason why I love maths.

03: A part of me has always wanted to be able to run away with the circus
Despite the knowledge that circus animals are usually very badly treated, and the staff are treated with just as little respect, I've always loved the concept of 'running away with the circus'. Some of this comes from the Robert Pattinson film 'Water For Elephants'. Being around such beautiful animals each and every day would be such an incredible way to spend your life.

04: I originally took 5 A Levels… for a week
When I first started at college, I wasn't sure which English I wanted to take, and so instead of picking one or the other, I took both, along with Philosophy, Maths, and History. Despite this, after a week of having lessons for English Language, I realised that it wasn't the English that I was interested in, and so dropped down to the normal number of 4 A Levels. Looking back now, I definitely made the wrong choice, and should have decided to not study English Literature instead!

05: The smell of someone peeling an orange is enough to make me gag
A lot of my life loves revolve around 'orange'. Orange Is The New Black, Chocolate Orange, Orange nail varnish... you name it, I most probably love it. Actual oranges themselves, though, are one of my worst enemies. If anybody within a mile radius from me starts to peel one, I automatically have to distance myself from such a revolting smell.

06: Despite being scared of the sea, I’ve always dreamt of swimming with a blue whale
When in Turkey, I actually swam in the sea a fair bit, and so my fear does seem to be shrinking. The uncertainty of not knowing what is swimming beneath me, however, still terrifies me to my very core. Scuba diving might be something I'd succeed at, as that would put my uncertainty at bay. Swimming with a blue whale would be the most incredible experience that I'd ever have the opportunity to do, and I hope that one day I'm brave enough (and lucky enough!) for my dream to come true.

07: I didn't start to wear make up until two years ago, just before I turned 18
Many of you may know, just from reading my beauty blogposts (here), that I don't wear very much make up. The amount that I wear is gradually increasing, as I experiment with more and more, but I definitely do not wear as much as an average girl of my age. Two years ago, I didn't actually wear any make up at all (bar concealer to cover up spots), simply because I wasn't that bothered about it. I remember my mum giving me some of her blusher, and so I took it upon myself to apply this most days, and I didn't start to wear mascara until I got contact lenses.

08: My name is KassiElla; my blog name has no affiliation to Zoella
I always refer to myself as 'Kassi' in blogposts, as that is how I am known amongst my friends and family, but my full first name is KassiElla. Yes, with a capital E in the middle (it's legitimately spelt that way on my birth certificate). As I'm an avid view of Zoella, when I began a blog I did worry that people would think I was trying to copy her, by placing 'Ella' at the end of my name. This is not the case, however, as I was KassiElla long before Zoella was even invented!

09: I am extremely anti-anti-gay, and wrote a report explaining why homophobia isn't justified in the 21st century during college
As my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) report in Year 13, I researched into why people are still homophobic, with the aim to dismiss any of these reasons. I've never understood why anybody would have any problem with the sexuality of another - love is love, after all. Things are not black and white, and not enough people realise this. If we could choose who to love, do you not think life would be so much more simple? If you're homophobic, we cannot be friends.

10: I believe in the fairytale version of love
If you've read my blogpost 'The Crazy Notion of True Love' (here), then you'll know my feelings on love. I am such a sap when it comes to romance - I was told recently by one of my best male friends that I'd be the easiest girlfriend to have, as all you'd have to do is throw cliché romantic gestures at me, and I'd be over the moon... and he wasn't wrong. I definitely believe in a fairytale version of love, which may be naive and may open me up to more hurt than others, but to find my Prince Charming will be worth all the hassle.

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