Things That Make Me Smile

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My eyes look so green in these photos???
  • Long sunny days spent in the park with my best friends
  • Completing a task before the microwave hits 00:00
  • A freshly made bed
  • Seeing random acts of kindness
  • Deciding that it's time to do a job, such as washing up, but finding out that somebody's already done it
  • Getting more than 10 likes on an instagram photo
  • When people mention my blog to me, without me bringing it up
  • A customer who is more thankful than they should be for my help
  • Having just the right amount of DVDs/books on a shelf so that they fit perfectly (because I'm OCD like that)
  • Coming home to a takeaway
  • Returning to a piece of clothing that I've bookmarked, only to find out that it's gone down in price
  • When people know my birthday by heart
  • A shop having more than 10% student discount
  • Old friends getting into contact with me
  • Looking back through old photographs
  • Staff chatting/bantering with you in coffee shops and bars
  • The perfect vanilla milkshake from Patisserie Valerie
  • A driver stopping to let you cross a busy road
  • Seeing an old couple holding hands
  • Good hair days when it actually matters
  • When somebody remembers who you are, despite only meeting them briefly once or twice
  • Being called Kas
  • Buying the perfect birthday presents for my friends, that I just know that they'll love
  • Finding special offers on food I wouldn't usually buy because it's too expensive
  • Receiving a compliment on my clothes/hair/make-up when I've made a real effort
  • Having a karaoke and dance session in the kitchen when cooking with friends
  • When shoes fit PERFECTLY
  • The smell of freshly cut grass
  • Hearing an ice cream van nearby
  • Spending my chill-out days in my pyjamas and/or a big baggy jumper
  • Coming out of the cinema, at night, to find that it's still light out
  • Finding out that I have a mutual friend with somebody that I didn't know about
  • Being in a rush and there being no queue
  • My food shop costing a lot less than I had estimated
  • The atmosphere in a club when Mr. Brightside comes on
  • When people recognise my all too frequent FRIENDS references
  • Finding new music with beautiful lyrics
  • Spending my day at a theme park
  • Succeeding at something that I thought I would fail
  • Watching funny dog and/or cat videos for hours on YouTube
  • Everyone's facial expression when I answer their question, "What do you study?"
  • Getting so lost in a book that you don't realise that it's suddenly 3am
  • Finally eating the food that I've been craving
  • Having the spare time to binge watch whatever TV show I'm hooked on
  • Reading back a blogpost and actually feeling proud of what I've created
  • When the sun comes out even though it's forecasted to rain
  • Seeing a theatre production that moves me
  • Actually being able to see the stars
  • The way that a bunch of flowers make my room look 10x more homely
  • Searching for a film and it actually being on Netflix
  • Having the opportunity to have my own little slice of the internet like this!

    Just a few things that make me smile. What brightens your day?

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