Making Memories in Marmaris

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Last Monday, I embarked on a mission to travel to Turkey to visit one of my best friends, Sophie - all on my own. I'd never travelled alone on a plane before, and so 'terrified' doesn't really cut it. However, I passed with flying colours (no pun intended), having flown to and from Turkey safely now! I began to read one of my all time favourite books, 'My Best Friend's Girl', on the plane there, and managed to make it last me all holiday, as I couldn't fit two books in my suitcase. I also spent a lot of both plane journeys (and the holiday in general) with a puzzle book in my hand.

Some beautiful decorations, and an amazing view from Sophie's apartment.

Wherever you are in the world, there's always time for a selfie or two!

We spent a lot of time on boat trips, mainly because Sophie knows the people that run the boat from previous years in Turkey. Normally, I'm not a fan of the sea, but sunbathing on a boat all day in 35°+ heat made it impossible to not get straight into the water whenever the boat stopped. There were so many beautiful views from everywhere that the boat travelled!

Forever a poser when a camera comes out!

It wouldn't be a holiday without a lot of sunbathing, and to accompany that, a lot of picture to prove that I am sunbathing! In such intense heat, I've returned to the UK with a lovely tan, as always, albeit a slightly red nose!

Sophie had to work for some of the time that I was in Turkey, but we did have a fab five days together, where we took some lovely photos of us both (although it's a shame that the last one is blurry!). It's sad to think that I won't see her now until November at the earliest!

Another holiday, another week of good food! Vanilla milkshakes have been the love of my life for the past ten days, as they are so well made by all cafés and restaurants. I also tried Turkish tea, which at first I didn't actually enjoy, but by the end of the holiday I was becoming more and more fond of it! There's also a McDonalds on the marina... one everywhere you go, eh?

There are tons of dogs everywhere in Turkey! These two were constantly on the boat, and made me miss my dog ever so much.

A few hours before I headed back off to the airport, I went to 'Castle Bar' to have a lasting memory view of Marmaris. It was a phenomenal view, over the marina, over the bazaar, over Marmaris beach... it was just incredible. Definitely the best way to finish off an amazing 10 days in paradise.

Goodbye Turkey!

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