Commuting To Work

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mutually, our flat decided to all move out together. If I had stayed longer, I would have been alone for my last week of living in Flat 18, and nobody wanted that - so we all moved out on Monday/Tuesday this week. However, I still had a shift at work on Wednesday and one yesterday, and so I endured the hassle of properly commuting for the first time in my entire life!

On Wednesday, I arrived at the train station, bought myself a hot chocolate and a bacon roll, and sat down on the train with both editions of this month's COMPANY magazine. By the end of the journey, which lasted 110 minutes, I realised the mistake I had made - I'd read both of them, and therefore had nothing to do on my journey back home that evening. Oops!

After an enjoyable 4 hour shift, I bought myself some new nail polish, and looked around a few shops before heading back to the train station. Thank the Lord for Starbucks - they have plug sockets! I also had my second Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino of the week.

The new nail polishes proved to pass the time on the journey home that evening!

Henry and Lyndsey met me straight off of my train, and we headed to Frankie and Benny's for some food. After an enjoyable evening, I snuggled into my bed to watch the next episode of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. If only East Midlands Trains had wifi...

Saturday rolled around and I was back on a train to Manchester - and I came armed with more magazines! The only problem now, though, is that I have nothing to read on my long haul to Turkey tomorrow... guess I'd better choose myself a good book from my overgrowing collection!

I don't remember the last time that I bought ELLE Magazine, as I'm a COMPANY girl through and through, but it came as a set with COMPANY this month, and so I couldn't not read it! If anything, this article has convinced me to invest in the magazine more frequently. Finally, I've found somebody to express the way that I've been feeling. I'd like to think of myself as an intellectual person. I read for pleasure, I finished my A Levels with three A's, and I'm currently at university studying a BA in Philosophy. But that does not dismiss me from enjoying fashion and beauty. The two worlds are not separate - there are not girls that only enjoy academia, and girls that only enjoy make-up. The two worlds are very much interlinked, and do not jeopardise one another. This blog serves all sorts of purposes for me. It is a diary, a way of expressing my opinions on certain topics, but also a place to talk about my favourite clothes and beauty products. Doing so does not alter my intellect - more people need to recognise this.

After a very hectic afternoon at work, I finally got my 30 minute break, in which I enjoyed this beautiful sushi. It's become my go-to meal deal in Boots, just recently. Despite it not being typical sushi, as it includes bacon, lettuce, and tomato, it goes down a treat. Then I headed back off onto the shop floor, for another few hours of Saturday afternoon mayhem in retail...

After two days of commuting, I have become so grateful that it is not something that I have to do every day. Three out of the four trains were delayed, and it's a lot longer of a walk from the train station to work than I had anticipated. I appreciate that there are people out there that commute every single day, and for that, I salute you. God knows how you stay sane!

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