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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's that time of the year again... exam season. This year is unlike any other though, as I only have to get 40% to get into my second year of university. This time last year I had completely shut myself off from the world whilst I studied for my A levels. Having a difficult aim to reach forced me to spend entire days with my head in my books. The first year of university, however, is much more relaxed. Although I obviously still want to do the best that I can do, it's sometimes tough to find the motivation that I had last year, knowing that anything I get above 40% won't count for anything.

Come to think of it, everything is different this year. I'm living in a different environment (with 7 other students who all manage to distract each other very easily), there is a lot less content to remember at university level, as it's more about the skills and structure, and it's a lot harder to figure out how to revise for, as there are no revision textbooks that you can buy like at A level - the university is the exam board, meaning no more AQA, Edexcel, or OCR.

Despite not having a high desire to spend my every waking hour revising for my three exams, the first of which is next Wednesday, I don't feel too unprepared. Working throughout the semester has proved to be a massive help once it comes to the revision period, as all of my notes are there in front of me. All I have to do is learn them... easy enough, right? (Not so sure on this one)

Some days it's just best to take a bit of time off - especially considering that I'm moving out of university halls in 3 weeks time. It's genuinely starting to make me feel quite sad to leave, as the past few months in my flat have been the best few months I could have asked for. No more fighting, no more divides - (almost) 100% unity. As nobody has had any lectures for the past two weeks now, all of us have been stuck in our flat with nothing else to do than to revise (apart from the odd few that have jobs, including myself). We have spent far too much time together recently, divulging our deepest secrets, fears, and dreams, and just generally using each other as an excuse to procrastinate. It's been the perfect send off to a not so perfect year.

Pictured: Meg, Lizzy, and I chilling in our corridor last week. We stayed there for around 3 hours, and Rich even kindly brought us tea (with straws so that we didn't even have to move our heads)... University has made me so lazy!

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