April Favourites: 2014

Thursday, 1 May 2014

If you've read my blogpost "The YouTube Community: I've Made a Decision!", you will know that one of the changes I want to make to my blog is to do a monthly favourites post; not exactly a rarity in the blogging community. I have been working on this post for the past few days, but I couldn't seem to get it right. I actually 100% completed the post, and was going to publish it, but I wasn't happy with it, and so decided to scrap it altogether. After seeing the way that one of my current favourite bloggers, Emiloue, did her monthly favourites, I gained inspiration to try again! I'm actually going to take the same method that she took - to pick five fashion/beauty/haircare products of the month, and then round off by picking a few extras. So, here is my second complete attempt at making this post, and here's to hoping that I'm a lot more satisfied with this version!

How is it May already?! Four months, a third of 2014, has passed us by, and I've only just got out of the mindset that it's still 2013! At least the weather is starting to warm up! Let's take a look at my favourites of the month of April, shall we?

Fashion/beauty/haircare -
I actually bought this product at the end of January, and have been using it every time I blow dry my hair since. Seeing as I've never done a favourites post before, I felt like I needed to put it in, even if it's not specific to April! I've never used many haircare products, simply because my hair gets too greasy too easily, and haircare products only make the situation worse. However, finding something to use on my hair before I blow dry it has thankfully prevented the problem, and proven useful as a successful heat protection.

I picked this up at the end of March, and it's been my go-to lip product of the whole of April. Before purchasing it, I only had one other matte finish product in my life - the Mac Ruby Woo lipstick in matte - but I've now developed an unconditional love for anything matte, which lead me onto buying my next two favourites...

This was definitely an impulse buy more than anything else, as I stumbled across the make-up section in Topshop and fell in love with this colour. Although I own a lot of blue nail polishes, I'm still not sure how I feel about the colour. This nail polish is perfect, however, as it has a tinge of purple to it, making all of my doubts go away. As it has a matte finish, I realised that I much preferred this look on my nails than a glossy finish, and had a moment of fear as I thought I'd have to repurchase all of my favourite colours, but with in matte. This was not the case, though, as I did my research and found...

...THIS! I'm not sure how I was never made aware that this even existed, but it sure does exist, and it sure does work a treat! I especially like using this on my Barry M Gelly nail polishes, as it gives a thick finish, as well as a matte finish. As 3/5 of my April beauty favourites are matte, I think I can safely say that once you go matte, you never go back!

My fifth favourite is something I already owned, but have just repurchased. I bought my burgundy converse back in 2009/2010, and have worn them constantly for the past 4/5 years. I've always been such a big fan of the colour, as I feel it goes with almost anything, and will never go out of style. My old ones, however, were looking extremely battered and worse for wear, and so my Mum kindly treated me to some brand spanking new ones! Look at the comparison between old and new!

Extras -
6. Boy Meets World
As mentioned in my post, "7 TV Shows That Stayed With You", Boy Meets World is one of my all time favourite TV shows, and I've started to watch it again, from start to finish. I've almost completed the entire 7 seasons within the month of April - I generally watch 1 or 2 (...or 6) episodes each time I paint my nails, and we all know that I paint my nails way too often!

7. My New Glasses (Specsavers Delores Glasses)
I have purhcased some new glasses, after having the same old pair for countless years now. I'm absolutely in love with them, and will definitely have the confidence to wear them out in public when in need of a break from my contact lenses - something my previous glasses never gave me. (Excuse my cluttered room and the lack of colour in the picture below!)

Although I'm not actually completely satisfied with this attempt either, I feel a lot better about this one than my previous one. My Dad has kindly given me one of his old cameras that he doesn't use anymore, but because I'm so used to taking photos on my iPhone, and editing them through instagram, actual photography with an actual camera is new to me. Please bare with me as I battle through the process of a) learning how to take better photographs, and b) learning how to edit those photographs to a decent standard. For now, this is the best that I can do! What were your favourite things of April?

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