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Friday, 18 April 2014

Since I was about 14, I've been an avid viewer of the YouTube community. In the earlier days, I watched YouTubers such as Shane Dawson and Damon Fizzy, whereas in the present day my favourite few that I watch include Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, and the rest of their gang. Two people that I have watched throughout are Dan Howell and Phil Lester. Although I've vaguely played my hand at making and uploading videos myself, I've never made a proper effort, despite how much I love the idea of being a YouTuber. Realising how influential the YouTube community has become over the past year or so, I've made a decision to try harder - I've made a decision to try and work my way up.

Looking at YouTubers such as Zoella, Tanya Burr, and even Niomi Smart, I've realised that blogging is a big part of being a YouTuber in the first place. Zoella started off with a blog, probably not too different from mine (although with a stronger element of beauty), and when she had a decent size audience, she then tried her luck with YouTube. Fortunately for her, she was successful, and is now one of the most watched female YouTubers.

Although I'm not yet confident enough to actually begin making videos, I've decided to take this blog a bit more seriously. Although it serves as a diary, and is a method of communication between myself and my family when I'm away at university, I would like to write certain posts on a regular basis. One example that I've decided upon is a monthly 'favourites' post, which I will post at the start of each month discussing all of my favourite products, books, films, days, etc, from the previous month. Many female YouTubers do this, whether via their blog or by video, and so I think it'll serve as a step towards YouTube for me.

As time goes on, I am most likely going to invest in a decent camera. First, its use will be to take photos of the subject of each blogpost, along with just as an everyday camera to photograph my day to day life. Hopefully, as my confidence (and fingers crossed, audience!) grow, I may then start to use it to video day to day activities. Nothing too strenuous, nothing too planned - just to get use to talking to a camera naturally. Whether I upload these vlogs or not, I've not decided yet; it'll depend on how happy I am with them, I guess. If all goes well, and my mind allows me to think of video ideas, then and only then will I attempt to make proper YouTube videos.

Anyone that isn't a part of the YouTube community might not understand why people feel so strongly about it all. For me, the influence that the community has had in the past year or so has been phenomenal; not only an influence on the audience, but for the YouTubers themselves:-

  • Tanya Burr has brought our her own make up range of nail polishes and lip glosses
  • Zoella has met and interviewed One Direction, and was featured on the front of Company magazine
  • The 'YouTube Boyband' (Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, and Jim Chapman) managed to raise an incredible amount for Sports Relief
  • Tyler Oakley has also met and interviewed One Direction, more than once, and has had a meeting with the President of the USA along with other YouTubers to discuss the effect that YouTube has on its audience
  • Dan Howell and Phil Lester now have their own permanent show on Radio 1 on a Sunday evening
  • Jack and Finn Harries have managed to work with projects in South Africa, and other underprivileged places, in order to help those in dire need
  • Sam Pepper and Marius Listhrop have had sold out shows in both America and England, although I don't know the details of what their performance includes
  • 5 Seconds of Summer, Boyce Avenue, The Midnight Beast, and Watsky have all gone from YouTube music acts to real music acts with headline tours and a devoted fan base
  • Just to give two examples, but this will be true for hundreds, possibly even thousands of members of the community, both Troye Sivan and Tom Daley have both taken to YouTube in order to come out in a way that gave them the opportunity to say exactly what they wanted and how

Despite how much of a positive difference the YouTube community has made, a recent scandal has appeared expressing the negative side that it can have. Alex Day and Tom Milsom have both been accused and proven of inappropriate relations with their fans. In a formal apology, Alex Day admitted to not knowing what consent was at the time, as he now realises and deeply regrets his mistake. When the news broke out, people took to twitter to make accusations of other YouTubers, such as Dan Howell and Phil Lester, which turned out to be completely false. Although the accusations about Alex and Tom turned out to be correct, showing how dangerous the power of YouTubers can be when given to the wrong people, the audacity to lie about similar abuse from respected members of the community was just shocking to me. Sexual abuse is not something to be made light of, nor is it something to be lied about. The utter disrespect that the accusers expressed could have had such a negative impact on the community, but thankfully, no such impact has been had.

Due to my love of the community, and my passion to eventually become a part of it, there may be a slightly different take to some posts on this blog. If you're an avid reader of my blog, you will notice that I've tried to spruce it up of recent, having added my social media links to the sidebar, along with categories of my posts and my most popular posts. Like mentioned above, I will be uploading my monthly 'favourites' from now on, along with other ideas that I will think of along the way. Hopefully there'll be a bit more structure to what I'm posting, and possibly more content that others can relate to, rather than posts purely on my wellbeing. I will, however, still be posting 'diary' posts, like the majority of my previous ones have been so far - the only difference will be that they'll be amongst posts of more relatable content. Fingers crossed I actually stick to this plan, and my lazy nature doesn't prevent my dream from happening!

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