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Thursday, 24 April 2014

As I'm currently in Spain, it's come to my attention that I'm wearing all of last year's Summer clothes, along with the odd bit and bob that I've bought in the past month or so. For a while now, I've been wanting to experiment with my fashion style, but until just recently, I've not found anything that's taken my fancy. Since the age of 15/16, I've been wearing the same boring clothes - flowery stroppy tops, plain cardigans, and short denim shorts... nothing too adventurous, nothing too out of the ordinary. Even my make-up bag has been lacking any excitement. After a long month or two of searching for something a little more interesting, I've collated my very own 'Summer Wish List'. After my student loan comes in, I might have to treat myself to a shopping spree...

I've actually already tried these shorts on, and came so very close to buying them! I can't really remember the reason that I didn't - most probably I'd already spent a lot of money that day. I'm so bored of denim shorts. I'm forever seeing 14-year-olds wearing them, purposely so that you can see a bit of bum cheek, and I've just given up on the thought that it's even mildly flattering. These shorts are the perfect material to actually be comfortable, and in my opinion, they'll look better than any denim shorts ever could.

Another pick from MANGO! I always pop in whenever I pass it in Manchester city centre, but I'm yet to buy anything... it looks like I'll be losing my MANGO virginity in the near future! I've never been interested in buying a denim jacket, purely because my main Summer pick would be denim shorts, and I'm not one for wearing double denim. Thinking more into it, paired with a nice Summer dress, or even with the shorts above, it wouldn't be so bad after all.

A kimono is something that I have been wanting for a few months now, especially as there are so many of them in every shop on the highstreet at the moment. Despite this, I'd not come across one that I was 100% about... until now! Although I want to get out of the habit of having a wardrobe full of florals, this is an essential item that I need for the Summer! Paired with some pastel jeans (of which I already own blue and pink), and a plain white top, this is a much better way of wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a cardigan, but with a hint of vibrance instead!

With my aspiration to get out of the constant spiral of floral, I thought that these shorts were a good compromise! Not floral, but still patterned. With the drawstring waist, these shorts could easily fit into a casual look, but could also easily be used for an evening look. Another pair of shorts to replace the dreaded denim!

Once again, some more shorts that aren't denim! Are you seeing a trend? These hold a purpose more than just to replace normal denim shorts, though, as I had a pair of black denim shorts that I would still LOVE to wear... if I hadn't ripped them accidentally. Although I did love them, they weren't the most comfortable of shorts as they were still denim, and so these will act as a brilliant replacement, in their stretch fabric material. They could easily be partnered up with the kimono, come to think of it!

Now, this t-shirt is something I would usually buy. It's cute, and it's easy to outfit. I wouldn't be me if I didn't buy something I'd usually choose, would I? What I am going to do differently though, is pair it with more interesting bottoms than just plain shorts or plain jeans. Considering this has gone into the sale since I found it, doesn't that give me reason enough to buy it right this minute? I can so easily persuade myself to buy myself presents...

When in a big department store, El Corte Inglés, on Tuesday in Puerto Banus, I stumbled across the MAC counter, like I always seem to. More often than not, I see myself drawn towards the red and orange shades more than the pinks. Seeing as this is a SUMMER wish list, I managed to pick a lighter colour that I have actually fallen in love with. I'm a big fan of matte lipsticks, as I feel it gives a much better finish, and so this lipstick ticked both boxes - matte, and a pink that I'd actually want to wear.

To be completely honest, one of the main reasons that I want to buy either of these is because Tanya Burr is one of my favourite YouTubers, and one of my fashion icons. I'm so happy for her that she's managed to release her own make-up range; really shows just how effective YouTube can be! I've been looking for a pale pink nail polish for a few weeks now, and this one seemed perfect. It allowed me to get a colour that I've been looking for, whilst still being able to buy from Tanya's collection! She's worn the brighter pink polish in a lot of her YouTube videos recently, and it looks like such a pretty, vibrant colour. Whether she wore it on purpose as a sort of advertisement, or whether she just loves her own collection, wearing the colour in her videos has convinced at least one of her viewers to buy it - me!

I've reached the last item of my Summer wish list, and you've most likely spotted a colour theme - pale pink. I'm not quite sure why I've suddenly developed a love for the colour. I've always been a fan of pastels in the Summer, but never particularly any colour other than purple. I'm not usually one for wearing eyeshadow either, but seeing as I want to give my fashion style a bit of a 'spring clean', I thought I'd maybe experiment in different make-up as well. This shade seemed perfect for me, considering my lack of eyeshadow collection, as it's subtle enough to not look suddenly striking because I'm wearing something that I normally wouldn't. And of course, the fact that I've got a new found love for the colour is just a bonus!

So there we are, my Summer wish list... so far. Whether I purchase none, some, or all of the items I've mentioned is unknown as of yet, but even if I change my mind on them all, I am determined to make my wardrobe a bit more versatile. If you can think of anything that would fill the criteria of what I'm looking for, please do leave suggestions in the comments below!

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