Easter Break

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

¡Hola! I am writing to you all from (kind of) sunny Spain, still in my pyjamas. The parents have gone out for a walk, and so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share the highlights/important moments from my Easter break! The past two weeks have been spent catching up with old friends, some of which I hadn't seen since Christmas, eating out too many times, visiting family friends in Wales, joining bloglovin (click here for mine) & becoming a little bit obsessed, and unfortunately, mourning the loss of our family dog and best friend, Otto. Bar the obvious heartbreak, it's been a relaxing few weeks spent with everyone that I love - just the break that I needed before exam stress season begins. I'm ending my three weeks off with a week in Spain with ma & pa, on which I'll dedicate a whole post to in the next week or so. For now, here is what I've been up to for the first two weeks of April!

This is what I came home to on the 5th - everything on the left is my brother's, the right mine, and the middle my dad's. My mum sure does know how to welcome me home!

I was reunited with these three (Craig, Sally, and Zoe) the day after I arrived home. I hadn't actually seen them all together since Christmas Eve, so it was lovely to spend an evening with the gang, playing articulate (which obviously caused several arguments), taking endless photos, and cooking fajitas. At the moment, the three of them are still currently in Nottingham finishing off their respective qualifications. Next year, Zoe and Sally will both be in London, I'll still be in Manchester, and Craig will be in either Leeds or Manchester. The majority of my friends have been in Nottingham this year, so it'll be strange for everybody to be all over the country come September.

On the Thursday, I had such a great night out with Sophie. She's the main person I go out with when I'm in Nottingham, mainly because we're very similar in that neither of us enjoy going out too often, and that we like the same music. One of the things I love about going out in Nottingham is that you always bump into people you know, and even though I did see a few people out, our night mainly consisted of dancing and dancing... and dancing! (Did I mention that we danced?!)  

After an hour or so of having my hair down, I got mad at it (like I always do these days) and plonked it on top of my head... so when the photographer came round, I never expected it to be a particularly nice photo. I was wrong! This is by far one of my favourite photos from a night out (although I only think that in black and white... my skin looks awful in colour!) It is now proudly the background of my phone, and was my profile picture on facebook for a few days before I changed it to one of Otto and I.

That weekend, the family (minus my brother, Adam, but including the dog, Otto) headed across to Wales to visit my dad's best friend, Alex, and his brother, Lester. We arrived on the Saturday night, and left at lunchtime on the Monday. Although brief, it was a lovely few days, especially considering that Otto passed away a few days later. He drove me crazy on the Saturday night, as he was my responsibility when everyone had gone to bed. He didn't settle down until 2.30am, and then woke me up abruptly at 6.30am needing to go outside for a wee... needless to say I was shattered the next day. He wasn't though! We went for a walk near to the top of a dam, and he managed to reach the top of the very steep slope, along with my dad and myself. Once at the top, there is a stretch of water, and complete silence. The first time I visited the spot was two years prior, and ever since, I've thought of it as my happy place - a place with complete peace. We then moved onto a cute tearoom, and ended the day with a Sunday roast.

This is actually the last photo that I took of Otto. On the Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, he passed away. At almost 14 years of age, he'd certainly lived a long and vibrant life, making all that met him fall instantly in love with him. Anyone that has read this blogpost will understand how much Otto meant to me, and how truly heartbroken myself and my family are to have lost him. I'm glad, at least, that I was in Nottingham and could be there to say goodbye, and not have to find out over the phone in Manchester. Ma & Pa took him to be cremated on the Thursday morning, after giving my brother a chance to say goodbye to him, and then we picked up his ashes the next day. Our Easter Sunday morning was spent walking up to the spot that my dad had chosen to spread his ashes, around a rock that he always stood on when walking Otto, and we took it in turns to let him go. It was both emotionally draining and relieving to give him a proper goodbye. The next few months are going to be different, to say the least.

P.S. Due to incredibly slow internet, and my incapability to fit pictures into my blogposts, I am now fully dressed, having put my contact lenses in, painted my nails, and done my hair. My parents are still out on their walk though, so I haven't done too badly!

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