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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A few months back, I wrote a blog post entitled '10 Books That Stayed With You' (click here to read), and after writing my last blog post about one of my favourite TV shows here, it came to my attention that I should address one of my biggest obsessions: box sets of TV shows. I thought it'd be a good idea to list off some that mean a lot to me, and explain why. These are the rules that the book challenge posed -

Rules: In a text post, list ten books TV shows that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take but a few minutes, and don't think too hard - they don't have to be the "right" or "great" works shows, just the ones that have touched you.

Like with the book challenge, I have not previously given this any thought, and am just going to list them in the other that they come to mind. Here we go!

This list isn't going to be in a preference order, but I just had to mention FRIENDS as my number one... as it literally is my number one. I cannot remember a time that I did not worship this programme, and I'm not alone in that - I rarely meet a person that doesn't like the show. Despite it ending 10 years ago now, it's still going strong, always on repeat on Comedy Central TV. It's not a particularly intellectually stimulating show, but there's just something so heartwarming about it. Maybe because 90% of people love the show, and we come to feel as though the characters are in fact our friends, or maybe just because the variety of characters makes it so that at least one is relatable for every one that watches it. It's been my favourite TV show for as long as I can remember, and nothing has even come close to beating it in my mind.

2) Boy Meets World
Boy Meets World is a disney show that was on in the 90s/early 00s. Watching it now, however, makes me cherish it all the more, as there are a lot of grown up jokes within it that I never appreciated as a kid, and there are a lot of life lessons in it that I can relate a lot to now that I'm older. Although I love the love story relationship between the main character, Cory, and his girlfriend, Topanga, that evolves throughout the whole 8 series of the show, my favourite pair from Boy Meets World is Cory's brother, Eric, and their neighbour, Mr. Feeny. Feeny was Cory's teacher when he was in sixth grade, and he then went on to be the head teacher of his high school... and then he went on to be his professor in college. He is the mentor to the kids that we see grow up in the show, but his relationship with Eric is just something special. They are two completely different people - Feeny a mature old man who always wants to teach people lessons, whether educational or about life, and Eric is a lazy and silly teenager who cares too much about his hair and impressing girls. Despite their differences, they make such a hilarious pair together, and it's so heartwarming for the audience.

3) Desperate Housewives
I can't think of a single storyline that Desperate Housewives did not cover in their full 8 series. Uncountable deaths, a tornado, an airplane crash, miscarriages, murders, teenage pregnancy, suicide, memory loss, lies, heartbreak, betrayal, love... and the biggest one of all, friendship. If you take the characters from the first episode of series 1, and then the final episode of series 8, it's striking how much each of them has changed and how much each of them has experienced. Each of the 4 main characters have a lot in common which brings them together as friends, but individually they are all very different, which helps to allow the audience to relate to at least one of them. Me, I see a lot of myself in Susan, despite finding her the most annoying character on the show... perhaps that's why I think we're so alike haha! Gaby is the character that means the most to me, though, as she starts off as a self-absorbed bitch who's having an affair with her teenage gardener, but as the show goes on, she goes through heartbreaks that make her realise that she needs to be a better person if she's ever going to be happy. The most painful scenes to watch are the few including her and losing babies - at first she has a miscarriage and struggles to let go, next she adopts a baby but the mother changes her mind and takes the baby away from her, and then finally she finds out that her child was swapped at birth, and after getting to know her birth-daughter for a while, she is then taken away from her to move away, breaking Gaby's heart in the same way for the third time. Eva Longoria plays the role so well, and makes it so tragically believable.

4) Gavin and Stacey
I don't have much of an emotional connection to this show in the same way that I do with the first three that I've mentioned. Gavin and Stacey is anything but a sad show - it's purely humour, with the odd sad moment because, let's face it, that's life! My emotional connection to this show is different - it's one of the main things that my best friend Zoe and I bond over. It's an activity we do every time we see each other - watch endless episodes of Gavin and Stacey. If anybody has ever watched the show, they will understand the following statement: it's so not-funny that it's absolutely hilarious. It's such clever writing, and the humour never changes; it's always relevant to how we know the characters to be. It's such an easy thing to watch, and is one of the many box sets that I own.

5) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
To tell you the truth, I've not actually watched this show from start to finish - it's 100% on my to do list! Despite not having seen the entire show, however, it's still managed to touch me. Firstly, it stars Will Smith when he's in his 20s... anything with Will Smith in is always incredible, but even more so when he's so young! I doubt he even really acts in it, the character that he plays is pretty much himself, which is so great to watch. Secondly, it has such friendly humour - nothing offensive, nothing that goes too far, and nothing really that clever; just really simple humour that's very heartwarming. Thirdly, it touches on issues that really need to be touched on. Because the show revolves around a black family in the 90s, it obviously raises the race issue on quite a few occasions, but it addresses it in a new way to most, as the family are very well off. At first, Will doesn't think that the family are staying true to their roots, as they act like rich white people, but as the show goes on, he comes to realise that that in itself is a form of racism and things aren't as simple as black and white (non-intentional related cliché).

6) How I Met Your Mother
Due to writing an entire blogpost on HIMYM, there isn't really a lot more to say. However, I have acquired new knowledge after writing that post - how the show ends. I was not happy with the ending because, to me, it seemed to ruin a lot of the messages that the rest of the series gives to the audience, but I'm trying not to dwell on it too much. Despite the disappointing ending, it still remains very close to my heart, because of the messages that it gives to the audience. Messages of hope, of friendship, of love. I have gained two favourite actors from the show as well - Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris!

7) Drake and Josh
Another disney show, obviously... This is definitely not an emotional attachment at all, as the show isn't exactly heartbreaking in any way. It's just a show that I grew up with, and something that I found, and still find now, absolutely hilarious. What makes it even better is that the actors, Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who play step-brothers in the show, are still friends in real life now, and still make jokes related to the show. After having so many disney actors go against their nice upbringing and try and be whoever they want to be in an extreme way (namely Miley Cyrus...), it's nice to have two actors who are still as close as they were on the show, be as normal as they were when they were on the show 10 years ago.

...I've just had to change the title of this blogpost from '10' to '7', as I'm honestly not sure if there is a lot I could say about any other TV shows. I have watched way more shows that the ones mentioned, such as One Tree Hill, Scrubs, 90210, The Inbetweeners, Cougar Town, Family Guy... just none that I could write a paragraph on. Cougar Town does actually mean a lot to me, purely because I watched it as a form of escapism through a break up last year, but other than that, it's not all that special to me. I think I'll just leave this as a list of 7 - the shows that have touched me the most.

Next: films?

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