It's Gonna Be a Good Year!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

After just booking tickets to go and visit Sophie in Turkey in June, I thought about how much I have to look forward to at the moment, and I tweeted this in excitement -

Let's go through the list one by one!

Wales -
My dad's best friend, who also used to live next door to us, has lived in Wales for a good few years now. I class him as family, really, as I always refer to him as 'Uncle Alex'. I've been to visit him twice - once for Christmas in 2011 with my mum, dad and brother, and then again on my own in May 2012. I'm not exactly sure when the last time I saw him was, but I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with him, my family, and the dog for a weekend in April!

Spain -
My mum and dad have had flights booked to Spain for the end of April for a few months, but when asked if I wanted to go, I said no as I wanted to spend as much time in Nottingham over Easter as possible. Despite that, my dad asked me the other day what I was actually doing over Easter, and I realised that as of yet, I have minimum plans. I knew that I was going to have to fit revision into the three weeks I get off uni, so my dad suggested that I might as well revise in a relaxing environment, and one with sun! I've never actually been on holiday with just my mum and dad before, as my brother would always come with us, and when he stopped, I was always allowed to bring a friend instead, so it'll be a new experience!

McBusted -
Meg, my flatmate, and I, have had tickets to see McBusted booked since November/December time. I'd almost forgotten that we were going to see them until I looked at my calendar to write the tweet/this blogpost. I've seen McFly before, as has Meg, and she's even met them (very jealous)! I've even seen Busted before - believe it or not, they were the main act back in the 00's, and McFly supported them before they were really well known! Seeing both of them together will be so unbelievably nostalgic from my childhood... it'll definitely be a blast from the past!

Turkey -
This is what set off the tweet/this blogpost. One of my oldest friends, Sophie, is moving to Turkey in May. It isn't as random as it sounds - she's half Turkish, and has family living over there. She's probably been on holiday there every single year of her life, so she's no stranger to the area/the culture. I used to see Sophie every Saturday morning at the theatre school that we both attended, but both of us had to leave in July after our final performance... at the O2! She wasn't really supposed to still be there, as she was 19 and the age limit for the group is 18, but seeing as we were performing at the O2, she was allowed to stay on for one last show. Myself, I had to leave because I would have been turning 19, but I obviously moved to Manchester for university anyway. I really do miss seeing her every week, and it'll be weird to know that she won't just be a train journey away come May! So... I'm going to visit her! It'll be so lovely to spend some quality time together in Turkey, and hey, I get a holiday and a tan... bonus!

V Festival -
In August, Lynds and I are off to V Festival! It'll definitely be an experience for me, as I don't think I've ever gone camping in my life (or at least, I can't remember it). Thankfully, Lyndsey has, so one of us will know what we're doing! We both decided that we wouldn't be able to go to such a big/popular/hardcore festival as Leeds/Reading Festival, as we are both a little bit afraid of crowds. That's why V Festival was the best alternative, and the line up is actually so so good! Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Example, Birdy, Kodaline, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Bastille, Lilly Allen, Rizzle Kicks, plus a yet to be announced comedy stage... To be fair, it didn't even have to be that good of a line up to make me want to go. Just the atmosphere of a festival alone is worth it - I loved the weekend that Sophie and I went to Vans Warped Tour last year, despite the fact that I wouldn't then go away and listen to the music, simply because of the feeling you get from a crowd of people and live music. Cannot wait!

Lee Evans -
One of Lyndsey's friends asked her if she wanted to buy Lee Evans tickets from him for September, and she asked me if I wanted to join her... so obviously I said yes! He's one of my favourite comedians, and I've wanted to see him live ever since I was 14. I really do love seeing comedians live - he'll be my 3rd of the year, having seen Russell Howard in February and Jack Whitehall earlier this month. I think a lot of what makes a comedian is his personality - a guy could have the funniest jokes in the world, but if he didn't have the charisma to go with it, he wouldn't be funny. That's why my favourite comedians include Michael McIntyre and Lee Evans, purely for the way they present their jokes.

Moving in with Catherine -
I have definitely discussed this in a few blogposts - I'm moving into a beautiful flat with Catherine in September time. We both love the same kind of things when it comes to decor, so our flat will actually be the most homely place in the entire world. We both share the same feelings on cleanliness, so it'll be a lot nicer living with her than living in a flat with 8 people who do nothing but leave mess everywhere. As much as I'm looking forward to living with her and growing closer together as friends, I will always have a soft spot for the people I've lived with this year. We've not always got on, and we're definitely not one big friendship group, but the times we share together as an 8 are some of my most cherished memories from this first year of uni. Nevertheless, there are bigger and better things to come in September!

Ed Sheeran -
Lynds and I booked tickets to see Ed Sheeran MONTHS before he announced he was playing at V Festival. Here I was, thinking I'd never get a chance to see him live... and now I get to see him twice in the space of two months, eeeeee! So unbelievably excited. He originally released his tour date in Nottingham to be the 23rd of October (the day after I turn 20), so my mum and dad paid for it as a pre-birthday present for me! Obviously though, after we'd already bought tickets to see him on the 23rd, he released tickets for my actual birthday, also in Nottingham! I really wish he'd done it the opposite way round, because that would have been the most brilliant way to spend my 20th birthday - with my best friend listening to my favourite artist. It'll still be good though, as it'll just mean my birthday gets to last for 2 days...

So there we have it! That's what I have to look forward to so far this year! I love having things to look forward to, as I'm sure everybody does, simply because it makes everything I'm doing in the present that little bit easier. These are all little rewards for trying my hardest at everything I'm currently doing, such as just getting two firsts! 2014 is looking to turn out to be an amazing year!

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