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Saturday, 29 March 2014


How I Met Your Mother (or as I'll refer to it, HIMYM), has been a part of my life for the past 8 or so years. My brother introduced me to it after the first season or two had come and gone, and he'd download all of the new episodes for me, and we'd watch them together whenever he was home from university. As time went on, and I understood how to use the internet more, I was able to find the episodes on my own, but we'd always chat about them as we watched them separately, me in Nottingham, and him in Hull. As the show grew, he became less and less fond of it, whereas it had the opposite effect on me - it's of my favourite TV shows of all time... and the final episode is being shown in America on Monday evening!

For anyone who doesn't know, the show is pretty much what the title suggests. Ted, the main character, sits his kids down in 2030 and tells them the story of how he met their mother. Although it has a similar kind of humour to FRIENDS, it has a very different purpose. FRIENDS could have ended whenever it wanted to - it didn't have a final event that had to happen; it was simply about six friends and their lives in New York City. HIMYM, however, has to end with Ted meeting the Mother, and so every woman he meets and dates throughout the show cannot be the Mother. This has been infuriating at times, because it seems pointless whenever he dates somebody new - we know that it's not going to work out, for whatever reason. No story has been pointless though, as each person he's dated and each encounter he's had has lead him that little bit closer to the Mother.

There have been clues throughout the show, that all add up to who the Mother is and how they will meet. There was a story about a yellow umbrella that Ted found at a nightclub and used because it was raining outside, that he managed to return to the Mother by dating her flatmate and leaving it in her flat. It was revealed that Ted met the Mother at somebody's wedding, and then it was revealed that the wedding was Barney's! Again, for those of who you don't know, Barney is the 'womaniser' of the show, much like Joey from FRIENDS, apart from the fact that he's actually very clever, whereas Joey lacked in intelligence. So this was a massive shock to the audience, to see that he was getting married.

What's made the show less infuriating is that there are so many story lines about the other 4 main characters - one of them being the wedding I just mentioned. It's a massive storyline throughout season 8 of who Barney is going to marry. There are a few potential candidates, one of which being Robin. We met Robin in episode 1 of the show, and since then Ted has been head over heels in love with her, despite dating other people throughout the show. We, as the audience, know that she's not the Mother - a) because he met her in the first episode, and so there'd be no point to the show from then on, and b) because he ends the first episode by saying that she's their aunt Robin (aunt in the sense of his best friend, not the Mother's sister). Robin is one of the main characters of the show, and the relationship that her and Ted have throughout it is a very annoying one, to say the least. The main point that the writer's are trying to make though, is that he's clung onto her for so long, and then he has to let her go to let her marry his best friend... and as he does that, he finds the woman he's going to spend the rest of his life with - the Mother. Very clever writing, if I do say so.

The other two main characters, Marshall and Lily, are one of the cutest TV couples I've ever seen. The show starts with them getting engaged, and we get to follow the path of their relationship, of a heart shattering break up, to them reuniting and getting married, to them having a baby, and it was just revealed that Lily is pregnant again with their second child. HIMYM is supposed to be a comedy show, but it does have a very strong aspect of love in it - Ted searching for his true love, Barney and Robin realising that they're perfect for each other, and the love that Lily and Marshall share seems to make all the pain worth it to the other 3 members of their group.

And now the show is coming to an end! The finale episode gets shown in America on Monday night, so at around 1am UK time, and so I'll be watching it on Tuesday afternoon. So far this season, each of the members of the gang, bar Ted, have met the Mother separately. We first see Lily meet her, as she sits next to her on a train to Barney's wedding. Next, we see Barney meet her, as he hits on her when he's trying to get over a break up. Thirdly, we see Marshall meet her, as he needs a lift to the wedding because of a complicated story about a rental car, and she picks him up on the side of the road. Lastly, we see Robin meet her, as Robin is about to run out on her own wedding after getting cold feet. We see the Mother make a positive influence in each of their encounters, and it is made so strikingly obvious how perfect she is for Ted in every way. Until the Mother and Robin met, I hadn't realised how clever it was for them to be the last to meet (again, bar Ted), as it's the woman he's always loved meeting the woman he's yet to love and make a family with.

There have been so many guesses as to how the story ends. People are wondering why Ted sat his kids down to tell him the story in the first place, and so a lot of the guesses would make a very sad ending to the show. For example, one of the main conclusions people have drawn is that the Mother is dead/dying. We can draw certain hints from the show that this is true, but I'll just have to wait and see. On the one hand, it would make the show heartbreaking, because we've been through this long journey with Ted trying to find his true love, and when he finally finds her and settles down with her and has kids with her... she dies. Poor Ted! But on the other hand, it would give the show a lot more purpose, because it doesn't quite add up why he's told his kids such a long story. The actress that is portraying the Mother, Cristin Milioti, has said in an interview that there are a lot of crazy rumours going around about the final episode, but that if she had to describe it in one word, that word would be 'beautiful'. And I'm sure the ending will be. It'll be sad to see such a brilliant show come to and end, but as long as they end it in the best way that they can, I'll be ready to let it go. I have every faith that they'll do HIMYM justice, and the show really will end beautifully. Three more days to go!

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