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Thursday, 13 March 2014

One of the reasons that I got so down in the dumps last semester is because I had nothing to do - I was bored. However, this semester has been none stop jam-packed full of things to do, whether it be looking for and signing for a flat with Catherine, movie nights with Lizzy and Lou, Lyndsey coming to visit, essays due, a few visits home, a trip to Wales, or simply a visit from my Dad! I've not had much time to update my blog of recent, so I thought I'd let you know how my last week or so has gone - and it's been a busy one!

After Lyndsey left at the beginning of March, I spent the next few days catching up on some uni work and finishing off the two essays that I had due. After worrying that I wouldn't have enough time to fit everything in, I'd managed to finish my uni work for the week on Wednesday, and so gave myself the day off. My dad was in Wales Tuesday night - Wednesday afternoon, and he unfortunately thought it'd be too late notice to ask me to spend the day with him on Wednesday as he was approaching Manchester on his way to Wales. However, not all was lost, as he popped into Manchester on his way home, and we had a lovely meal together just the two of us. It was such a lovely way to spend the evening. We don't generally spend a lot of time together out and about, at least not compared to my mum and I who are always going for lunch, or going shopping, or going to the theatre, etc. My dad and I tend to have quite long chats, which I love, so it was nice to combine the two ways of spending time together, by having a long chat whilst in an Italian restaurant. 

Last Friday I went to Wales for the weekend, to visit one of my eldest friends, Victoria, in Aberystwyth, as she goes to uni there. I definitely picked the right weekend to go - it was so sunny! What a wonderful way to spend my Saturday afternoon; along the promenade overlooking the beach and the sea, not wearing a coat, sitting in the sun with a drink. We then went out that evening, which was quite fun as Vicky introduced me to all of her friends (one of which I already knew as I went to school with her along with Vicky). We spent Sunday afternoon watching the England vs. Wales rugby match. Despite not liking or watching rugby, it was an enjoyable afternoon spent with a friend that I miss ever so much. I then arrived back to Manchester late on Sunday evening.

Monday was a day back in Manchester for me, and it was a day in which the sun shone once again! I went into town in the morning to transfer some money, to then go and sign for my flat with Catherine and pay the deposit, to then have a cheeky nandos after not having one in a good (or perhaps not so good) month or so! I was back in Manchester for one day before I got on another train, my third in the space of 48 hours, and went home for a night and day.

Adam, my brother, bought tickets for all four of us in our family to see Jack Whitehall on Tuesday night, and so I headed home Tuesday afternoon. I've seen 4 comedic performances before, 2 of which were the same person, and they were all made-me-cry-of-laughter kinds of performances. Jack Whitehall, however, was on another scale. Most comedians just stand with a microphone and do their show, maybe doing a few reenactments and walking around the stage, but nothing too extraordinary. He did a show in the rounds, for a start, which is something I did not expect. He was stood on a circle stage in the middle of the arena, rather than on a stage at the front. I'm not going to lie - I wasn't really expecting much. I've never seen him do stand up, apart from the occasional episode of mock the week, and I'm not an avid watcher of any of his TV programmes… but boy did he put on a show. Perhaps he wasn't the funniest comedian I've seen live, but it was by far the best comedic performance I've ever seen.

On the Wednesday, I'd booked my train for the evening so that I could have a little bit extra time in Nottingham before heading back to Manchester until Easter, and I had lunch with one of my best friends, Amy. I hadn't seen her since Christmas, and even then I feel like we didn't have much time together because it was a busy time for us both, and so it was lovely to spend a little time together and catching up on all that we've missed out on.

And now I'm back in Manchester! I've not got much else planned for the next week or so, apart from trying to get some university work planned. Ellie, one of my best friends, is coming up to Manchester for a night next weekend, which should be lovely. I'm currently sat in my room with a towel on my head, about to dry my hair, and the flat upstairs have just started playing 'The Story of My Life' by One Direction at full volume. Don't mind the music choice, but here's to hoping that they go out before 1am and don't keep me awake too late! Oh, the life of living in university halls...

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