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Monday, 17 February 2014

As mentioned in my blog 'The Peter Pan Effect', I have grown a love for lipstick and nail polish over the past six months. Lizzy and I went shopping yesterday, and so I took it upon myself to buy something I've wanted for a very long time, but never had the guts to do - I bought a mac lipstick (in the shade 'matte ruby woo'). I love all of mac's make up, but I would not buy a lot of their make up very frequently as it's just too pricey! To buy one lipstick, of an amazing quality, and that will last me a long time, was worth it in my opinion, and so I went ahead and joined the mac club! 

My Barry M nail polish collection has grown yet again, with two beautiful new colours: blood orange (bright red), and cobalt blue (royal blue). I've found that the gelly polishes are much more easily applicable, especially for someone like myself that has difficulty painting their nails. It's a lot more consistent and you don't have to worry about doing many coats, whereas I tend to panic when painting with a simple nail paint because it doesn't seem to cover half as much of the nail as gelly does!

There is a 'ball' for my university accommodation at the end of March, and so I took the opportunity yesterday to find a dress. I use the word 'ball' very loosely, as it will most probably be a big party, but we have been promised a 3-course dinner accompanied with a bottle of wine each, so it might turn out to be rather fancy after all! I found such a bargain in Miss Selfridge - they had the offer 'buy one get one free' on their sale items. I managed to find a beautiful dress in my size that was suitable, but when I looked at the price it was £69 and hadn't been reduced… but it'd been placed in the sale section, and it actually turned out to be £30! I then managed to pick myself a top for free, as both were in the sale, and then on top of that I was allowed student discount! A lovely dress and a top for £27, I couldn't believe it!

After buying some beautiful things yesterday, I felt it necessary to make a blogpost documenting them… sometimes it's difficult to find something meaningful to write about, but this blog is supposed to represent my life, and so simple posts like this matter too!

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