Good Start to February

Saturday, 8 February 2014

I am not a fan of winter; April through September is always my favourite part of the year. For this reason, I have always disliked the month of January, and February isn't usually much better. Despite my traditional views of the first few months of the year, the past week has been such a good one.

On the 1st of February, I woke up in my bed at home, having had a very good night's sleep. I had plans to meet my assistant manager from Fat Face, Meg, for lunch. She managed to get a promotion to become the manager of a different Fat Face store, and so I won't be able to just pop in and see her anymore, which is quite sad. Saying that, I'm so very happy for her as she deserves it so much. If I manage to work there over Summer, it'll be surreal for her to not be there, and for somebody different to be in her place. After lunch with with Meg, I went to Lyndsey's house with Henry. It was her birthday in the middle of January, and Henry & Jake had bought her scrabble (a sort of tradition for us due to our trip to Spain), and they wanted to wait for an opportunity where we could all play it to give it to her. Unfortunately, Jake was still in Doncaster last weekend,  and so it was just the three of us. We had an afternoon of board games, complaining about Flappy Bird, and planning (and failing) a potential Summer holiday/road trip. Back at home, my family and I had steaks for dinner (YUM!) and watched TV all night.

The next day, I met up with an old friend of mine for a drink. The pub that we'd arranged to meet at was closed, and so we ended up in the cheesecake shop instead. It was lovely to catch up, because we haven't had a proper sit-down conversation for many many years. I went home for my Sunday lunch, and then my mum and I went shopping together. It was a very successful shopping trip, and I ended up with two new tops, some jogging bottoms, a scarf, a blow drying spray to protect my hair, amongst various bits of cosmetics. A day well spent!

On the Monday, I travelled back to Manchester. I had a positive session with a university counsellor to discuss how I was feeling, in which I mentioned how sorting things out over the past few weeks have made me feel a lot better about being here. In the afternoon, Catherine came over to mine, and we waded through all the 2 bedroom student flats in Manchester that we could find on the internet, and picked 10 that we were happy enough with to contact. In the end, we managed to successfully arrange 5 viewings for this coming Monday, two of which are our favourite two! We had such a lovely afternoon flat-hunting and chatting and laughing, and it made me realise that I've definitely made the right decision to live with her next year. Hopefully on Monday we find a flat that we're more than happy with!

Tuesday was a day full of uni work and laundry, but they had to be done.

Wednesday was the best day I've had in such a long time. Catherine and I travelled to the Trafford Centre, and I have to say that it is the most beautiful building I've ever seen. Somehow, I managed to leave without buying much - the only things I spent money on were dry shampoo from Boots, and lunch at Las Iguanas. Neither of us had ever been to a Las Iguanas restaurant before, despite the fact that we both love Mexican food, and so we gave it a go. We were not disappointed! We shared nachos as a starter, and then we both ordered fajitas for our main course, both of which were delicious. We departed ways around 6.30, and I came home expecting to just watch a film and go to sleep. However, that didn't happen. I couldn't explain how it occurred, but Patch, Meg, Rich, and I ended up playing the floor is lava. At first it started off as a bit of fun, but then we started to get really into it, and set ourselves a challenge of getting down the hallway without touching the floor. This involved a tactical system of passing chairs a long, and jumping between them. Eventually we all gave up and headed to our respective rooms.

I would usually have 4 hours of uni on a Thursday, but this week I only had 2. One of my lectures was cancelled due to a strike, and one of my seminar groups doesn't start until next week. This gave me a chance to get my hair cut, but I didn't want to trust a random hairdresser without a recommendation, and so I ended up going to a nationwide brand - Toni & Guy. It cost me £30, but it was worth it.

I was supposed to have 3 hours of uni on Friday, but just as I was about to get up to get ready for my 11am seminar, I got an email and a text saying that it had been cancelled. I took the opportunity to go swimming, as I hadn't been yet this week, expecting it to be quite quiet on a Friday morning. This was not the case though, as there were a group of annoying 12-year-olds taking up part of the swimming pool with a ball game. Fortunately, I managed to do 30 lengths, but I just didn't expect to have to avoid kids messing around. I came home from swimming, had a bite to eat, got changed, and headed to uni for the afternoon. I honestly don't mind being at uni until 4pm on a Friday when it's a module I actually enjoy - political philosophy! But this has posed me with a dilemma - if I enjoy political philosophy, does this mean I enjoy politics or philosophy? I'm still quite unsure about what I'll be doing next year, but I have the Politics and Modern History open day next Wednesday, so that'll give me a vague idea of how the course will pan out. In the evening, Lizzy and I went for a quick shop in Sainsburys at 10pm, before wrapping ourselves in our blankets and watching a film together. The perfect night!

Today has consisted of a lot of uni work, a phone call with both my mum and my dad, a curry made by yours truly, and I'm about to find another film for Lizzy and I to watch! 

I hope your February has begun just as positively as mine!

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